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Terror Fest 2016 Celebration & Giveaway

Some of the best indie horror games this year has to offer

Terror Fest 2016 Celebration & Giveaway

October is nearly at its end, and the tide of terror has slowly crept its way across department stores all over the world. What better way to experience the advent of Halloween, than with a slew of horror games in the safety of your own room? Watching feature films is a definite must-do activity for fans of the scare-fest holiday, but there are many spooky and terrifying games out there that easily rival some of the best (and worst) feature films! Unfortunately, many of these games fly under the radar due to less than ideal release dates so far from October. Thus, I set out to gather the best and most interesting indie “horror” games released this year. Be it zombie-rushing, mind-bending, jump-scare infested creep-shows, or the more relaxed and adorable alternative, the following games represent what this year has to offer for Terror Fest 2016.

Layers of Fear – 15 February 2016


Layers of Fear - Terror Fest 2016

Babyface….oh the memories.

Taking control of a painter whose sole desire is to finish painting a true Masterpiece of Fear, his magnum opus, you must traverse the ever changing Victorian household and collect the required tools of the trade. The story unfolds through exploration, and the amount of effort you put into uncovering your surroundings dictates how much information about the painter’s dark and tragic past you will be rewarded with, along with which ending (of 3) you will receive. Furthermore, LoF utilizes “psychedelic horror,” a feature it prides itself on, known to change the look of the surroundings with the turn of a camera. Great…

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Devil Daggers – 18 February 2016

Tags: FPS, Action, Difficult

Devil Daggers - Terror Fest 2016

Dancing with death is a literal translation of the events in Devil Daggers

In essence, Devil Daggers can be described as a minimalistic, bullet-hell arcade FPS. Actually, DD is best described as difficult. So difficult in fact, that I don’t believe Devil Daggers is a game that was designed to be beaten. It is a standard – one that is used to measure your first person shooting capabilities. With only an arena, a special dagger, and endless hordes of nefarious hell spawn thrust upon you, death is absolute; however, the length of time it takes for the inevitable is what motivates replayability. Global and friends-only leaderboards show where you stand against the greatest players, and a replay option provides the ability to observe their skill first-hand. There are no quests, missions, story, challenges, or minigames. Just pure, brutal, gladiatorial combat.

Video Gameplay | Steam

Duskers – 18 May 2016

Tags: Sci-fi, Strategy

Duskers - Terror Fest 2016

Navigating Drone 1 to Room r3 to setup a Motion analysis

In this sci-fi rogue-lite strategy game, Duskers tasks you to pilot drones through derelict space crafts in an effort to uncover how the universe became a giant graveyard, while fetching necessities for survival along the way. The story is fed to the player in bits and pieces through data logs from these Derelicts, and although it is the primary motivation for progression (logs/objectives are retainable upon death), the story is somewhat of a backseat experience in comparison to the shining gameplay. The logs are categorized by theories, and delving into these theories by following the objectives and investigation targets slowly, but surely, reveal information on what ultimately caused the devastation of the universe. Some of these logs don’t actually clue you in on anything either, but help build the unknown world with remnants of the ghostly past. Daily routine logs, chat logs, and postmortem logs are only some of what you will find, and they all help paint an eerie picture of the dark and horrific present.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Book of Demons [Early Access] – 28 July 2016

Tags: ARPG, Dungeon Crawler

Book of Demons - Terror Fest 2016

This card-based dungeon crawler is a tribute to the original Diablo

Book of Demons is a fully voiced, Hack & Slash ARPG dungeon crawler coupled with deck-building aspects. Collect skill cards and upgrade them in order to save the world from demonic annihilation. Currently in Early Access, this ARPG manages to provide a very fun take on a popular classic many know and love, Diablo. In its current state, only one of three classes are unlocked (Warrior); however, the single-player campaign is complete, and nearly all of the spell cards are available. The story is mostly provided in bits and pieces through NPC gossip and creature descriptions throughout the duration of the campaign, along with minor cut scenes from the 3 major bosses. The bulk and core content comprising the gameplay focuses on pure, unadulterated, Hack & Slash dungeon crawling with intermittent trips to the town for healing and upgrades.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Pavilion – 23 September 2016

Tags: Puzzle

Pavilion - Terror Fest 2016

Solving Fourth-person puzzles are novel experiences

Pavilion is a hand-crafted audio-visual experience purposefully devoid of dialogue, text, and tutorials in an effort to express its story through visual cues and observations. Physical progression of the main character (MC) through his mysterious world filled with puzzles is dictated through interactions and manipulations of the environments themselves, providing only indirect control of the MC (you can not directly move him). This describes the game’s ambitious “fourth-person puzzling adventure”, and although Pavilion created a novel experience, it is encumbered with weak execution, ultimately denying potential for true greatness.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Watch This! – 23 September 2016

Tags: Action

Watch This! - Terror Fest 2016

Be careful of these lurking creatures littered throughout the maze

Watch This! is a first-person platformer with horror elements. For a relatively simple game, that pretty much sums everything up. Of course, it wouldn’t be any fun without a little bit of flair and sadistic flavor, so the game provides a rather interesting backstory for this parkour-to-survive title. In a society that seeks a more… visceral type of entertainment, an innovative broadcast station has taken upon themselves to build a labyrinthine space station filled with monsters and death traps. Players will enter the maze with only one way out, doing anything they can in their power to stay alive and appease fans of the show in order to be granted release from the infernal gauntlet.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (Neptunia) – 3 October 2016

Tags: Visual Novel, Action, Anime

MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (Neptunia) - Terror Fest 2016

This is a horror movie!

At its core, MegaTagmension is a fully voiced visual novel with a little bit of beat em up/hack & slash thrown in, not too dissimilar to the Dynasty Warriors series. These battle sequences are relatively short and few in number, and play more to enhance the story’s sense of credibility, but ultimately plays a backseat role in expanding Idea Factory’s Neptunia universe. This new installment in the Nepverse follows Blanc in her own spin-off, detailing her actions in trying to save Gamicademi from getting overrun by zombies. Although the game isn’t too extreme or alienating as a starting point into the series, familiarity with the characters are expected.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Project Genom – 12 October 2016

Tags: Sci-fi, Action, MMO

Project Genom - Terror Fest 2016

This sci-fi MMORPG has a lot of potential

This Early Access, buy-to-play sci-fi MMO was just recently released on Steam. The fledgling MMO is still in its Alpha development stage, and after a few early story missions, mounds and mounds of needed improvements can be seen in nearly every aspect of the game. Project Genom is a fairly ambitious project exhibiting goals to expand its world to open space, along with providing full voiceovers in two languages (English & Russian), so only time can tell whether the developers will manage to live up to their hopes and expectations. The devs also “strongly discourage those who expect a complete finished project from buying” Project Genom, so don’t be surprised if you experience some bugs, issues, and an all around lack of polish. The game currently has three major story chapters available for play alongside 100+ side quests, and the core MMO mechanics seem to be in place. Combat utilizes over-the-shoulder TPS aspects without a targeting/lock-on system. Regarding PG’s community, there seems to be a fair amount of players in the hub location with many still on their beginning missions. A Halloween update added in some nice flair throughout the Ark, decorating every open spot with pumpkins, skeletons, etc., and to top it all off, there is an operational bar in the Ark along with a “gentlemen’s club” seemingly under construction.

Video Walkthrough | Steam

Slayaway Camp – 25 October 2016

Tags: Puzzle, Gore, Dark Humor

Slayaway Camp - Terror Fest 2016

Guide your killer through difficult puzzles to get those pesky teens

Teenagers beware! Slayaway Camp is a “darkly comic homage to 80s trash horror” presenting some extremely graphic content, mostly pertaining to the methods in which the main characters perform their acts of life-ending showmanship. Even though the character models are all voxel-based (similar to Minecraft), there can be some really gruesome scenes throughout this murder fest. In fact, some of these death animations are so creatively macabre, the developers must have employed someone whose entire job was to think up of ways to commit murder in an artistic manner. Bees, nails, spikes, water, etc. You name it, Skullface and company can make it happen. Furthermore, these artists of death have found their way into Slayaway Camp, populated with an absurd amount of innocent teenagers. Channel your inner demon and help guide these fiends through multitudes of brain-tickling puzzles.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Yomawari: Night Alone – 25 October 2016

Tags: Anime, Dark, Adventure

Yomawari: Night Alone - Terror Fest 2016

Avoid supernatural apparitions to find your family!

Japanese horror has always been such a bewitching genre to experience for me. Unlike traditional western horror games, J-horror loves to incorporate suspense with an affinity for supernatural monsters, spirits and demons. This is immediately prevalent in the rather shocking opening of Yomawari when an incident befalls our cute little protagonist. Her sister tries to help her out but in a mysterious turn of events, our heroine must now venture out into the dark town inhabited with every abstract demonic-looking being unknown to man, to uncover clues leading to the whereabouts of her loved ones. With only a flashlight to rely upon, how well you run/tiptoe/elude these terrors of the night ultimately determines whether reuniting is even a remote possibility.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

Through the Woods – 27 October 2016

Tags: Atmospheric, Mythology, Adventure

Through the Woods - Terror Fest 2016

Trolls, hulders, wargs… many things inhabit the night

There once was a time when “the woods” was a scary place to behold at night. Branches breaking underneath your feet, winds stirring up leaves all around you, and beings of the night watching your every move… Through the Woods brings back the memories of what people (especially parents) like to tell their children about the woods in order to keep them out of it. When the protagonist’s son is kidnapped and taken to an island, it is up to the mother to come to the rescue. Be wary that this game really burdens you with the feelings of loss and loneliness in a terrifying place, inspired by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

Full Review | Video Walkthrough | Steam

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Tim "silversuriv" Pham joined the Gamephasis team to extend his journey throughout the game industry. He currently runs ‘Before You Buy‘ – a Steam group where he hosts his reviews for Steam related games.
  • Woo, horror! I love me some horror haha! I’ve been having a mini horror-themed month myself lately, with mixed results (mainly due to being super busy with school/midterms for about half the month), but it’s been fun the whole way through.

    I guess I’d be interested in all of the games, though especially Book of Demons and Slayaway Camp (love that art style!). 😀

    In terms of what I’m excited for…..well, it by far was Yomawari: Night Alone, but that literally just came out a few days ago so I guess I can’t say that now. Maybe Outlast 2 then? Looks pretty promising and the first game was excellent.

    Thanks a bunch!

    (by the way, I signed in on here, but for some reason it also wanted me to sign in through Disqus to comment lol – oh well)

    • Tim

      Whoops, figured that out just now and updated the instructions. Thanks for the help 😛

    • Tim

      Just wanted to let you know that I added more games to the prize pool so feel free to edit your prize if you wish, up until the drawing time.

      • Oh, sweet, thanks for the heads up!

    • Thanks for entering our Terrorfest giveaway and for visiting our new site. I hope that you like it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to make them. Good luck!

  • Alex

    I think that I’d like the Book of Demons most. I mean, I like Hack ‘n Slashes. And I really can’t see how I could scare myself enough to cause noise pollution to the neighbours, so yeah.
    Dear lord. I actually am so terrified of Horror in general, I mean ugh… Screaming when the Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation pops up in your face, or watching cringey Saw or anything. I scream more than a baby does.
    If there is one thing that I am semi-hyped for, it’s probably going to be the next Outlast as I really found the story/background really interesting. I mean, without giving spoilers but the ending. BAM! Not expected at all, especially after how much effort is put in just to get there.

    • Tim

      Just wanted to let you know that I added more games to the prize pool.
      Feel free to edit your prize if you wish, up until the drawing time.

    • I’d like to hear some of that noise pollution. Thanks for visiting Gamephasis and good luck winning Book of Demons. I hope you enjoy it if you do win! It looks pretty cool!

  • Kuwantum

    Would love to get “Slayaway Camp” because that game looks great!

    Really looking forward to Outlast 2 based on the demo that is on steam. Enjoyed the first (even though I found it stressful to play!) and am interested to see the direction that the new game takes.

    • Tim

      Just wanted to let you know that I added more games to the prize pool. Feel free to edit your prize if you wish, up until the drawing time, especially if the prize pool continues to grow.

      • Kuwantum

        Thanks for the heads up, “Slayaway Camp” is definitely the one I would want to play over the others though – actually had it in my cart when I saw the announcement on steam earlier today lol

    • I’ve been so busy with building this site that I haven’t even had a chance to check out the demo for Outlast 2. I’m going to have to find some time and give it a run. Good luck with Slayaway Camp and thanks for visiting the site!

      • Kuwantum

        You definitely should check it out – I think the demo goes offline after Halloween so be quick!

  • JimDeadlock

    Duskers would be my first choice, followed by Slayaway Camp or Through The Woods.

    Outlast is fantastic, the horror genre has been saturated and some of the horror offerings I’ve played lately feel like they’re just jumping on the bandwagon, the scares are cliche and disappointing and the gameplay is poor. One game in particular which I wrote a review for was the epitome of what I’m talking about, although I won’t name it here. Outlast is still a cut above most in both the scares and gameplay departments, so I’m looking forward to Outlast 2 for sure.

    • I agree with what you’re saying with the horror genre being saturated. It feels like I’ve played a boat load of them this year. Unfortunately, there isn’t many that I can recall that have attempted something new. I’d recommend Zombie Night Terrors having known your taste in games, Jim. It’s a pity Tim couldn’t get it for the Terrorfest.

      • TheCake

        The adventure-genre horror games are the ones that really stand out- Oxenfree, STASIS, and so forth. Most horror games have either gone action-horror (such as recent Resident Evils, up till this new one) or the goofy monster approach [though, certain Asian monster-based games (such as DreadOut) actually have a great tension to them that western monster games lack]. Gore, jumpscares, and so forth.. most horror games fail to build up ambiance, atmosphere, or narrative, relying on a lack of genre familiarity and fear of the unknown to carry all their “horror”. I’ve been severely disappointed in games like Outlast and Amnesia, which relied on similar concepts, rather than strong gameplay and character/universe immersion.

        Given that I agree with Jim’s sentiments, but find even the game he appreciates to be lacking, you can imagine how few horror games really catch my interest. 😛

      • JimDeadlock

        You’re right, that does look good. Am I that predictable? haha

  • Daniel Aguiar

    Would love to get Pavilion .

    Outlast 2 looks even better than the first one.

    Gamephasis User – nequee1PT

    • Tim

      Pavilion isn’t one of the possible giveaway prizes so you’ll have to repick lol.

      • Daniel Aguiar

        LOL, Thank you.

    • Please do pick again, Dan. Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you enjoy it.

      • Daniel Aguiar

        LoL I’ve edited my Post. Thank you.

  • Tzus

    Would love to get “Through the Woods”

    Outlast 2 for sure e.e !

    User – Tzus

    • Thanks for entering and checking out our new site. Good luck!

  • Yeiro Freeman

    I would to participate to this ones: Project Genom + Project Genom – Bronze Avalon Pack – Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition – Watch This!

    Im wating for Friday the 13th, looked to some gamplays and seems really fun, run and hide…

    • Gamephasis

      I have to agree. I’m really looking forward to Friday as well.

      • Yeiro Freeman

        Thanks, and yes, the fear of being dicovered, that makes the game so fun…

  • Nice work, Tim. This is probably the coolest thing that I’ve been a part of over the two sites so far. You should be proud. As host I’m not going to pick a game (Through the Woods looks awesome though) as I don’t believe that is fair or just. But I wanted to publicly thank and compliment your work on these reviews and also give a nod of thanks and appreciation to the devs and publishers involved. Hopefully Terrorfest has put the emphasis on these games.

  • TheCake

    Interested in: Book of Demons
    Most anticipated “horror” game: Resident Evil 7
    Username: Advent

  • Rony

    i would participate in Project Project Genom + Project Genom – Bronze Avalon Pack
    im waiting for outlast 2 since u cant go wrong with this one,after playing the 1st game

  • Jeff Jacobs

    I’d love Project Genom!

    I’m so excited for Outlast 2. Outlast 1 gave me some of the biggest scares of my life from a video game and I expect no less from number 2!

  • dick don

    After playing Outlast and the whistleblower dlc, I think Outlast 2 is my most anticipated horror game. Alien Isolation wasn’t even scary to me.

    Interested in Duskers and Book of Demons. They both look really fun.

  • Biba Bacha

    I like to win Project Genom.

    in horror games I iike Alan Wake and in upcoming horror is Resident Evil 7 or Yomawari Night Alone is also looks good.

  • wolfyrion

    I am interested Only in Book of Demons.
    Outlast 2 is the most anticipated horror game 🙂

  • johnnybananas

    Interested in Duskers. My most anticipated horror game is RE7. I think the franchise has been pretty disappointing with the last few releases. I hope this one is a return to form, if in a different style.
    My Gamephasis account name is spiralll.

  • Tao

    I want Book of Demons.

    Most anticipated game: Resident Evil 7

  • Jean

    I would love to win either Book of Demons or Slayaway Camp.

    Waiting for Outlast 2. 😀

  • Mikolaj Pawlak

    I’m interested in Book of Demons.
    Horror game that I’m anticipating the most is Killing Floor 2. I know it’s already in early access, but I’m waiting for full release.
    Gamephasis user name – Mikolaj Pawlak

  • Sam Perry

    I’d like to enter for Project Genom + Project Genom – Bronze Avalon Pack please.

    My most anticipated horror game would have to be RE7, the demo was amazing from what I saw, hopefully the full game can live up to the hype it’s created.

    My user name is Spez95.

    Thanks for the giveaway Tim, hope you have a good day. 🙂

    (Also on a side note after registering and activating my account I tried to log in but clicking log in at the top of the page does nothing(it adds “#login” the the end of the web address but nothing else, not sure what’s going on there.)

    Good luck with the site too, I look forward to future content.

    • Tim

      Thank you very much and good luck!

  • pol85

    Hello, mostly want the game Project Genom. Love only a few horror games. My best horror game was Fallout NV ultimate. It has a great story and nt to horroble for me.

  • BlackDraft

    Nice selection of games there. Personally, most interested in Book of Demons, Through the Woods: Digital Collector’s Edition, In Fear I Trust: Episodes 1-4 Collection Pack, Duskers and Watch This! (in that order).

    Really looking forward to Resident Evil 7; curious to see how that one turns out and where the series is heading for.

  • Adelaide C.F.

    Interested in Slayaway Camp, please and thank you 🙂
    I’m not hyped in any particular upcoming horror game mostly because I don’t keep a close eye on upcoming games, but as a fan of Friday the 13th movies, I’d be pretty hyped about the Friday the 13th game if it was singleplayer! 🙂
    Gamephasis name is Blanchette la Blue, btw 😉

  • SuperKiller2

    I would love to get Book of Demons 🙂
    Outlast 2 looks amazing… Can’t wait to **** my pants!
    Gamephasis User – SuperKiller2

  • Davios Sparr

    Hi. Anticipating Outlast 2. I’m interested in Book of Demons and Project Genom, both look cool!
    Same username?

  • Diego D

    I’d love to win Book Of Demons, had my eyes on that one since the first time I saw it on indiedb. I guess Through the woods looks pretty neat as well…

    My most anticipated game is Outlast 2, with Friday the 13th coming as a close 2nd. They both look great, I just think I’d enjoy solo play more for horror games. Maybe Friday the 13th will get it right and have a gameplay that makes you forget the real players behind your virtual teammates.

  • Alahel

    I’m entering for Book of Demons

    Most anticipated horror game… I guess the System Shock remake, or Perception. I’m more into dark fantasy or an horror setting without being pure horror. Same username as Disqus (alahel)

  • LemonChii

    Too bad Layers Of Fear isn’t a part of the giveaway >:
    Instead I’ll just congratulate you on the new site, it looks promising!
    Thanks for all the hard work and great giveaways you had on steamified ~~

  • oasis789

    Please count me in for Duskers, thank you.

    Most anticipated horror game: Perception. I think it brings needed innovation to this genre that is starting to become samey. The echolocation mechanic is going to be very interesting.

    Gamephasis: oasis789

  • StalowyEdzio

    I’m interested in Book of Demons and Duskers the most, but all games looks nice.
    My most anticipated horror is Outlast 2, of course!
    Username: Rasmus

  • The Joker

    I’m interested in joining for Project Genom + Project Genom – Bronze Avalon Pack

    My most anticipated Horror game would without a doubt be Friday the 13th

  • SnowyK

    Slayaway Camp 😀 hopefully

    Looking forward to Outlast 2, Outlast was really good.

  • Outlast 2 definetly, my Gamephasis account is vazja.

    I would like Through the Woods

  • PossiblePsycho

    I’d love to get In Fear I Trust.

    As for the most anticipated game, it’s Lorelai (although it’s still in early stages of development), the third part of the trilogy by the Polish genius Rem Michalski (the first two games were the Cat Lady and Downfall).

    • Tim

      I was never even aware of the series. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and good luck!

  • kamu stefa

    Like to get:Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition
    Most anticipating:outlast 2
    user name:kamu stefa

  • MrFancyrat

    Outlast 2 is definitely the horror game i’m waiting for, as for a giveaway, Slayaway Camp would be great to win!
    Username on Gamephasis – MrFancyRat

  • Mike Welch

    Definitely most looking forward to Friday the 13th, it sounds great.

    Interested in Duskers, followed by Slayaway Camp and Through the Woods.

  • Adam Nagy

    I don’t like horror games, but I very interesting about Perception.
    Would love to get Project Genom and Book of Demons.
    User name: adammo0

  • Kuba Ssdfkmal

    I’d love to get a copy of Book of Demons!

    I’m quite curious how Outlast 2 will turn out to be, so I think that is the one I am anticipating the most.

    Name:Kuba Ssdfkmal (@kuba-ssdfkmal)

  • Teo Wu

    entering for Book of Demons, Project Genom, Duskers

    anticipating the most: Friday the 13th: The Game

    user name: @teo-wu

  • ReptilianWorldOrder

    I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be ecstatic to win any of these prizes and ended up adding them all to my wishlist (the ones that weren’t on there in the first place anyway).

    But I’d love to win “Through the Woods” most of all and am super interested in it even though I hadn’t heard of it before now. My next tier would be “Project Genom”, “In Fear I Trust”, and “Book of Demons”. But I’d honestly love any of them.

    And as weird as it might end up being and despite the action path of the last few games, I’m crazy excited to see what ends up happening with Resident Evil 7. I’d be so damn happy if they get back to their routes and do something more in the vein of REmake that I’d just die and go to hell.

  • gt4

    I would like to participate to these ones: Project Genom + Project Genom
    – Bronze Avalon Pack – Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition and Book of Demons
    I’m ready to preorder Outlast 2, because i was really impressed by first part and sequel should be as good as original game. Also i enjoyed playing Alien Isolation, but it wasn’t as scary as Outlast.

  • Rhadnar

    Hello i am Rhadnar here in gamephasis, i would like to enter for the MegaTagmension Neptunia game.
    I am expectating the come back of Prey i have the older game and it is awesome.

    • Tim

      MegaTagmension isn’t one of the available giveaway prizes so you’ll have to repick. Thanks for joining Gamephasis and good luck!

  • AoC

    Hey, put me down for Book of Demons and/or Yomawari. Whichever comes my way first. If neither of those… Neptunia?

    I’m looking forward to what RE7 will turn out to be honest. It seems so damn strange.

    Username: Mile Gas

  • BericTheRed

    Great roundup! I’m playing through Oxenfree at the moment and enjoying it (although so far it’s a little bit too light and teenager-ie for my tastes).

    I’d like to enter for Slayaway Camp, nice combination of gore and dark humor. I’m most looking forward to Outlast 2.

    • Tim

      Thanks! I actually have Oxenfree on my to-play list lol. Good luck!

  • Mushroomer

    Want to get: Watch This! and Through The Woods
    Anticipating horror game: Agony
    Username: Shroomy

    • Tim

      I didn’t know about Agony. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and good luck!

  • first last

    Would like to enter giveaways for Book of Demons and Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition

    I’m anticipating Resident Evil 7 the most for sure

  • Václav Slavětínský

    Im interested in Book of Demons.

    My most anticipated game is of course Outlast 2!
    Aand username – vaclavkaslav
    Thank you for the chance!


    I very like Outlast. User name: NEMEZIS
    I enter for ‘Through the Woods’ and ‘Watch This!’. Thx!

  • Nostro

    I’m entering for: Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition
    I’d love to see Outlast 2.

  • kaiserlucas

    I’d like to enter for book of demons and Duskers.
    And for the Horror game I am anticipating the most: Definitely Outlast 2. The first game was amazing and I can’t wait for the second one to come out. 🙂

  • Ben Rain

    I am interested in Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition, Duskers and Project Genom + Project Genom – Bronze Avalon Pack.
    I am excited for Perception, cause it’s a fresh approach, coming from some talented guys 🙂

    My username is: brainjamin

  • Alexander Ilias

    I would love to win Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition. I’m looking forward to play the horror game Routine. My gamephasis username is Alexander Ilias. Thank you for the chance.

  • Tim

    Alright everybody, it is now time to wrap things up. I will post the winners in the above thread within the hour, and send a private message to the winners’ Gamephasis accounts. Please reply in order to confirm that you know how to use the system, and I will follow up with the giveaway prize. If no reply is received by this time tomorrow, I will repick any absentee winners. Thank you all for checking out TF2016. We hope you will continue to come back and see everything Gamephasis has to offer in the coming months, especially the site’s official launch! Stay tuned for more reviews, news, videos, giveaways, game sales, and much, much more. Have a Happy Halloween!