Rescue Love Revenge


(11/1): Today on Gamephasis

Today on Gamephasis

(11/1): Today on Gamephasis

Rescue Love Revenge

Rescue Love Revenge is an exciting new action-adventure game with an epic story that will unfold as we release future and frequent updates.

RLR features an energetic style with addictive gameplay and challenging levels!


Izanami's Dream Battle

Izanami becomes bored with her usual sitting around the house, shut-in, lifestyle. And so, her friends Eione, Florine, and Lauressa decide to show her a magical stone from their homeland, with the power to turn her thoughts into reality. Izanami then begins to bring life to her own Danmaku! (Also known as a Bullet Hell) She then leaves ships behind for the three sisters to chase after her, with a note, declaring her desire to take over the moon!



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  • Alexander Ilias

    It looks nice. I’m a fan of platformers, but not really a fan of its style, since it looks a bit like Minecraft. xD