An Important Note on Gamephasis Review Requests

An Important Note on Gamephasis Review Requests

Hi all

It has come to my attention from multiple developers and publishers that the following component from our FAQ page needs exposure.

What is Gamephasis review code policy?

We have a strict review code policy. Warwick Janetzki is the only staff member that is permitted to obtain review code on behalf of Gamephasis. No other person is permitted to request review code or to contact developers or publishers on behalf of the site.

The only time a member of the Gamephasis team will contact a developer or publisher in relation to review keys is if they have their own review site beyond Gamephasis. In this case the team member is not representing Gamephasis. Consequently, developers and publishers should not expect to have their game added to the site in these cases.

Therefore, the only e-mail address that is authorized to request a game on behalf of Gamephasis is

I have received a request for a game from somebody claiming to be or claiming to be from Gamephasis. are they legitimate?

If the e-mail has not come directly from please notify us and we can sort it out together. They are not authorized to request a game on behalf of our site. We take such requests seriously. Please do not provide any game keys (or codes) and avoid falling victim to theft by deception.

What are Gamephasis’ review code standards?

Positive reviews are not guaranteed nor can they be purchased. Gamephasis will always ensure that all games that are reviewed on this website are given an honest opportunity before we write and feature our reviews. Consequently, our reviews are as free of bias as possible.

If anybody has any further questions please feel free to ask them below. I will add them to the FAQ. Our FAQ can be located here.

Thank you

Warwick S. Janetzki


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