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Gamephasis have started a Patreon.  We would love it if you could sign up and become members. Our Patreon members get much more out of it than what you put in!

After discussion with our new editor, Andy Pelham, I have elected to transform the goals and remove the high-end subscriber packages

Link to our Patreon page

Patreon Goals

$1000 per month

$1000 per month would enable Gamephasis to cover the key game releases. It would enable those who want to stream and create videos to make the content that you want to see on a consistent basis.

$2500 per month

With an income of $2500 per month, Gamephasis would be able to produce content for all of the major releases in a month and run giveaways to coincide with them.

$5000 per month

$5000 per month income enables the creation of the Gamephasis Club. The club would be the driving force behind Gamephasis and enable those within it to network with each other and to help in the development of all individuals and the club itself.

Reward Tiers

US$5 per month – The $5 Foot Long Fan Club

  • Thanks for contributing
  • Special membership on our discord server
  • Shout outs on Twitch, Twitter and special YouTube videos
  • A Steam game each month (usually worth much more than US$5)

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US$10 – The Tye Dillinger Fan Club

  • All of the first tier rewards
  • An additional Steam game each month (usually worth much more than US$10).

Image result for Tye Dillinger 10

US$20  – Gamephasis Fanatic

  • All of the previous tiers
  • Additional two Steam games each month (usually worth much more than US$20, etc.)
  • Live video hangout with Warwick Janetzki

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US$50 – The Fiddy Club

  • All of the previous tiers  — want me to play a game just for you? Want me to wish someone a happy birthday?
  • Personalized song/video message
  • 10 total Steam keys per month

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Warwick is a graduate of Curtin University. He is one of three people in the world (that we know of) to hold degrees in professional writing, marketing and Internet Communications. He is a passionate sports and gaming fan dedicated to cheering on his beloved teams (Carlton in the AFL, the Blazers, Patriots and Angels in American sports and Man City in the EPL), gamer and dog lover. His favorite genres are adventure, RPG and card games.