First Giveaways Over – Winners Announced


The first giveaways on Gamephasis have come to an end. These giveaways were for Card Quest, Zombie Party, and Dungeon Souls

The winners have been announced on our forums. However, as a once off I will announce the winners here as well:

Winners Are Grinners

First Giveaways Winners are Grinners

Card Quest: RobertCRO

Dungeon Souls: TaoTekko

Zombie Party: ThePokerFan

Congratulations to all three.

Future Giveaways

Gamephasis has a lot more giveaways – some of which are closing very shortly. So go on over to our giveaways hub and enter them. You’ve got to enter if you want to win!

Now while I’m here I am going to ask you, our community, a simple question… What games would you like to see put up to win on Gamephasis? We’re going to be putting up some pretty spectacular titles in the coming days and we’d like your input!

We’re thinking along the lines of all of the big newly announced E3 games.  But is there anything else you’d love to see?

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    Thank you =)