Attention: Content Producers – We Want You!

Content Producers unite! We want you!


Are you a content producer? Do you monetize your works? Are they reliant on hits, views or some other traffic driving metric?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Gamephasis is for you.

It may appear that Gamephasis is just a news, reviews and preview site that runs a fair amount of giveaways. However, you couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Unfortunately, that may just be my fault.

What is Gamephasis exactly?

Gamephasis is a global community of passionate video game lovers. We are a team of passionate content producers, streamers, reviewers, YouTubers and every other form of gaming content producer you can imagine. Although one of our primary focuses has been on reviews we want to be so much more than that. This site allows us to create, host and share so much more than just reviews and written content.

Content Producer

Content Producer: BioShock Infinite screenshot

We Want to Support Content Producers

Gamephasis wants to actively help content producers get their works seen by other passionate gamers around the world.

Whenever you post a video to YouTube we’d love to post a video post linking your work. We embed our videos into a post such as this one for Black Desert Online and this post will feature on the front page of the Gamephasis website. Further, it will be featured in the Gamephasis newsletter (that is sent out three times per week). Your YouTube video is embedded onto the page meaning you receive all of the views and monetization that you would normally receive. If you host your videos elsewhere (e.g. Vimeo, blipTv, etc.) then we can also create these posts for you.

If your contribution as a content producer is video game guides or images or anything other than video creation we also want to work with you. We can link directly to your podcasts, we can host your images (as long as they’re of a moderate file size or don’t mind us running through a site like compressjpeg . We provide all contributors with full credit for their work. If your work can be purchased somewhere or you have a larger gallery of work online then we will be more than happy to include that information in your post.

Content Producers

Content Producers: Song of the Deep Screenshot

What You Earn Is What You Keep

The beautiful thing about Gamephasis is that what you earn is what you keep. We don’t want to take even a minor percentage of your income through your hits and views generated by Gamephasis. We will continue to provide free exposure through your content posts on the site.

Content Producers

Content Producers: The Technomancer Screenshot

We’re a Community Platform for Gamers Made by Gamers

The culture at Gamephasis is important to us. We are a community platform for gamers to contribute their content so that other gamers can read, view, watch and listen to you. You deserve your voice heard. We want to create that opportunity for you.

While you’re at it, if you’re a content producer, join our Hero Class! Check it out!

This is the intention of Gamephasis. We’re so much more than a review and giveaway site.

We welcome everyone to our community.

Warwick Janetzki

Warwick is a graduate of Curtin University. He is one of three people in the world (that we know of) to hold degrees in professional writing, marketing and Internet Communications. He is a passionate sports and gaming fan dedicated to cheering on his beloved teams (Carlton in the AFL, the Blazers, Patriots and Angels in American sports and Man City in the EPL), gamer and dog lover. His favorite genres are adventure, RPG and card games.