Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Review

‘Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus’ is a post-apocalyptic action platformer, with some gore and gross elements. Specifically made to resemble the retro feeling with pixelated graphics. Overall it’s a quite enjoyable gaming experience for any platformer fan that can tolerate the gross parts.

The story goes that mankind has finally managed to destroy itself mostly through nuclear weapons but the details are vague, however, there are few survivors as well as many mutants, you are one of the later! You play the butcher himself in his quest to satisfy his irresistible glutony.


  1. Mechanics are well crafted!
    • You have limited hitpoints, however killing enemies make them drop meat, which in turn you eat and store in your stomach, getting wounded makes you consume this meat in order to heal.
    • Your hero basic attacks is radioactive urine! Yes, you mostly pee your way through the levels and depending on how much your tummy is filled your pee gets stronger! Also, the liquid physics are quite good making you look for fans or electricity to use to your advantage, especially in boss fights.
    • If you manage to fill your stomach you’ll be able to unleash the butcher’s ultimate attack! His vomit! For a few seconds, you’ll be spraying your enemies deleting them from existence until your meat levels drop to about 50% where you’ll stop and start eating again.
    • There are quite many powerups to be found, some in plain sight, some hidden. Most are not mandatory to get in order to finish the level, but some are funny and some are really useful.
    • You can use the cadavers of your dead enemies as thrown weapons. Once something dies, it leaves a carcass that the butcher can pick with his mouth and spit. You are also able to use some items, weapons mostly, that once you empty its ammo you can throw like the previously mentioned dead bodies. Finally, there are some, few rocks that can also be thrown.
    • Lastly you can double jump and slide by default. You’ll find upgrades ‘mutators’ on your way that improve or even add features to your skillset. E.G.: my least favourite, and perhaps most gross, is the poop jump, that makes you poop underneath you every time you double/triple jump, dealing quite a lot of damage in the process.
  2. Its combat is quite fast paced the majority of the time. Your character feels quite responsive and agile besides his bulky appearance. Occasionally you may feel you are getting overrun by enemy spawns, or you’ll find enemies with more threatening moves that you must anticipate! Most enemies have something to look for, or else punish you. There will be a few dull moments where you’ll be able to safely kill stuff but these are so few that I won’t even list it as negative.
  3. There is controller support and both mouse+keyboard and controller can be customized to your liking.
  4. There are story intervals between the levels and as you progress the levels you’ll find some story parts within some levels. Additionally, there are options to enable some extra silly features, like commentary lines on deaths and kills, jump texts and other stuff making the game details more interesting.
  5. The music is quite accurate to the games theme, both that post-apocalyptic and retro feeling.
Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus has great gameplay mechanics

Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus has great gameplay mechanics


  1. Due to being made to fulfill that retro feeling, the game lacks a lot of options. It only supports 4:3 aspect ratio that leaves 2 blank areas on the sides of the screen and sadly bugs the pop-up steam notifications, making it look ugly. There are no windowed/fullscreen options or resolution settings at all, making it tiresome on bigger monitors. While you can force the game to windowed mode with Alt+Enter the mouse can’t be locked only in the game so you may start clicking outside the games window.
  2. It’s grossness. Not much of a negative but more like a warning. If you avoid ‘The binding of Isaac’ for all the poopy, degenerate, mutated theme then this game is not for you.

The grossness in Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus is dialed up


‘Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus’ is a good game for its genre. I give it a 7/10 and that’s because of the lacking video options that made the game tiring for me. If you are fan of action platformers and can withstand the gross, then you should give it a try!




  • Great mechanics
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Good controller support
  • Keyboard & mouse customization
  • Well detailed story
  • Music reflective of the genre


  • Due to retrofit the game is lacking in options
  • Grossness