BanHammer Review

BanHammer serves up cheap fun for those who enjoy local co-op but struggles as a single-player game.

BanHammer – A Review by Warwick Janetzki

Upon loading up and getting started with BanHammer it is clear that I am a little out of my depths as a solo player in a game intended to be played with a friend as a local co-op game. That isn’t to suggest that the game isn’t soloable, it certainly is once you learn how to play the game but rather that you may not find the game nearly as entertaining as if you did. If you do have another then you’re really going to be in for a treat. The ability to kill mob after mob after mob while rescuing animals being attacked by game hunters. The graphics are perfect for what the game needs, the sound is fine and the game play is smooth. You will find some people complaining about bugs and other annoyances in the game on Steam but in my time with the game I did not notice anything out of the ordinary which correlates to the more recent or updated reviews who claim that a patch repaired the game.

BanHammer is intended for local co-op gameplay

BanHammer is intended for local co-op gameplay

There are a wide variety of weaponry and other things that players can utilize and although you are thrown in from the deep end, a lack of tutorial hurts the game, once you begin to understand what you are doing in regards to the quests the game opens up. It’s an easy game to recommend to those of you who enjoy action games. For $2.99 at full price or 15% off during the remainder of the Christmas sale it’s an easy game to recommend. However, the game was bundled in its greenlight phase and that’s generally a sign that the game will ultimately find itself in another bundle relatively soon. Still, this one is worth the small price especially if you can get into that local co-op.


  • Cheap local co-op fun
  • A lot of weapons


  • Struggles as a single-player game
  • Reportedly buggy (I never had any issues)


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