Beeftacular further cements Retrific as one of the industry's best up and coming platformer developers

What is Beeftacular?

Beeftacular is the second game to enter Steam by developer Retrific. Their first game, Just Get Through, was released at the end of January this year. That game was received very positively (I personally enjoyed it) and therefore I entered this game with great hopes. Obviously with its name I was expecting it to have been partially inspired by Super Meat Boy. However, to my great surprise the game was most heavily inspired by 10 Seconds Ninja (it does state this in the game description).

The objective for each level is to complete it in ten seconds or less. However, the sense of reward in completing it faster makes it a worthy challenge. Each level of the game has a number of enemies and traps that have been implemented into the game to make each level a challenge.

A lot of Content & Potential Future Content

The game comes jam packed with content. There are over 100 handcrafted levels that will test even the most skilful of platformer fanatics. In addition, there is a solid level editor that is simple and easy to use. I believe that even the most novice of aspiring level designers will be able to create something that is playable. That makes the sheer amount of content available to be played here a highlight of the game.

Clever Utilization of Stats and Leaderboards

The thing that I most love about Beeftacular is the manner in which it has been developed with statistics and leaderboards in mind. Each level has an array of statistics including:
• Your time, your best time, world record, best time between you and your friends
• Global Rank
• It counts ranged kills (you can shoot your enemies dead which can be faster so that you do not have to go to that piece of the map)
• Ranged recovered
• Ranged combos
• Times level started and completed
• Friends completed
• Melee attack kills
• Melee/Range kill share
• Jumps, doublejumps and walljumps
• Distance travelled (in pixels)


Beeftacular counts a lot of statistics!

For a stathead like me this is a dream. Not only does it encourage me to get the most efficient and fastest time but it inspires me to see how I can improve in a number of different areas. This is exactly the type of statistics system that I’ve been wanting in a game like this. It is very intelligent game design that engages the player beyond the straight up level system.

Controls Well

Of course, arguably the single most important component of any platformer is whether or not it controls well. When a platformer plays poorly it will instantaneously deter the player from playing the game. This is because it means that the player will rarely be ever to complete the game the way in which it was intended to be. Their results will be slower and far less accurate than desired. This demotivates the player. However, thankfully in the case of both of Retrific’s games to date – including Beeftacular – the game controls so smoothly that it is easy to see where you are improving. It also means that there are no times where deaths and incompletions feel as though you have been cheated.


One of the cooler aspects of the game is that there have been game skins incorporated into the game. These can be unlocked as players’ progress. The first skin that I unlocked was ‘sponge.’ These skins, obviously, transforms the way the game looks. If you’re not into blood, then you can change the theme to something different.

The colour splatter left throughout each level makes the game worth playing again. Not only will you get an opportunity to get quicker times but the levels themselves can get particularly messy. Painting each level is a lot of fun in and of itself.


An example of Beeftacular’s color splatter

Is it Steamified?

Beeftacular is almost Steamified to the max. The aforementioned level editor is founded on the Steam Workshop feature. There are 35 Steam achievements. The game utilizes the Steam Leaderboards system. The only thing lacking, as of writing, are Steam trading cards and Retrific has promised that they are incoming as well.


Retrific is fast becoming one of my go-to developers when I want great platformer action. Beeftacular is a well-developed game that is worthy of your time and effort. It is silky smooth and has had a lot of thought put into it beyond simple level design. With the significant amount of release content as well as the implemented level editor you’ll be set for hours of enjoyable content.


  • Controls smoothly and accurately
  • High level customization
  • Level designer
  • Steamified to the max


  • Key bindings need some work
  • Presentation may be too simplistic for some


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