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27 October 2016 | Official Update

Free Demo – In Thing Trunk’s biggest update as of yet, a free demo is now available on the official Steam Store page here (or through direct download on the official website here). As an Early Access game, this is not something to scoff at, since extremely few developers provide such a seemingly reasonable request.

Balancing – Bosses in Freeplay mode (unlocked after beating the campaign), can now curse cards, forcing players to adapt on-the-fly. Furthermore, “when starting a game on Hard, Nightmare or Massacre, the game will select 2, 3 or 5 cards at random and equip them in a mandatory fashion.” These imposed cards really takes adapt to a whole new level, as players will no longer be able to rely on common crutch strategies. Fortunately, Thing Trunk has also implemented a time slowdown when the card pane is open during combat, to ease on-the-fly card-switching. You can now finally equip that Shield or Boots to negate an annoying group of skeletons or their elemental backfire.

Book of Demons

Bosses can curse?


Book of Demons

Let’s see how you would adapt to these imposed cards

Daredevil Mode – A new, brutal, permadeath mode now offers players the chance to see how far they can delve before reaching their ultimate demise. A death marker will remain at the lowest level, and possible plans for leaderboards are in consideration.

New classes have not been added, yet, but is planned in next months large update (along with many other major and minor updates).


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