Broforce Review



Broforce is probably my favourite game ever. I bought it a few years ago, and despite already finishing it, I still continue to play it. The gameplay is simple; You have a character (which the game chooses at random from the 34 available) and you have to get to the end of the level. The characters are all modeled after popular action-movie characters, such as The Terminator, Rambo, and Ellen Ripley from Alien. However, each character’s name is changed to include the word ‘bro.’ For example, the characters I just named are The Brominator, Rambro, and Ellen Ripbro.

It's the star of BroForce, Rambro!

It’s the star of BroForce, Rambro!

Each character has three attacks: their primary attack, a melee attack, and a special ability. Most characters have some form of firearm for their primary attack, all with varying strengths and firerates, while other characters have swords or other weaponry. Different characters have similar melee attacks, though some have special traits. For example, Predator, Machete and Ash Williams (from The Evil Dead) can scare enemies who are in proximity to the enemies that you killed. The special abilities are where the characters vary the most, and these abilities can really give you an edge on your opponents. The abilities vary from airstrikes, lightning strikes, missile barrages, and even deflecting bullets.

The game’s graphics look great. The pixel graphics match the light-heartedness of the game, and the colors used really reflect what is happening in the environment. The sounds match the game well too. All the weapons sound good, and the explosions always sound glorious. The music is simple action-movie music with a heavy drumbeat. Although this matches the theme of the game, it doesn’t really add anything.

BroForce features great pixel graphics

BroForce features great pixel graphics

The game also features three different game modes. The first is the Campaign, which is your standard game mode. This mode involves completing the levels in order via the world map. The second game mode is Arcade Mode, which is the same as Campaign Mode, except you can choose which level you start from (assuming you have completed that level before), along with removing the world map and all cutscenes. The final game mode is the Ironbro Campaign, which is by far the hardest. In this game mode, once you run out of lives, it’s game over, and once a character dies, they will not return until game over.



  • An absolute blast
  • Each character feels different
  • Varied environments
  • Challenging achievements
  • Becomes increasingly difficult
  • Boss fights
  • Level editor


  • Deaths can seem unfair
  • Lack of variety in the soundtrack
  • Some characters appear much more frequently than others


Omega5102 - 10
Warwick Janetzki - 8
Ainslie Fitzsimons - 8
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