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Cats are Liquid
Cats are Liquid

Cats are Liquid is (as the name might suggest) a 2D platformer about a cat with the ability to transform into liquid.

The game has 90 levels, that are spread across 9 different worlds. It has a minimalistic but colorful style. Along the way the game introduces new mechanics, like turning into steam and summoning bombs to break down walls.

The story is about a cat whose owner locked her in a set of rooms. She desperately wants to get out, but the rooms just keep continuing. Along the way the cat meets a new "friend" and gains new abilities. The story is told through small in game text pieces.

Level Pack: Companion

In the level pack you'll play as the square introduced in World 4 of the main game. The level pack is stylized in the same minimalistic way as the main game, with improved visual effects. It has 30 brand new levels to play (bringing the level total to 120), with brand new game mechanics. It also explains the background story of the square, what its purpose is and where it came from.

The level pack comes with no extra cost with the game.

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Version 1.2.0

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