Death Goat Review

Death Goat's metal soundtrack is among the best in indie game history

Crazy. Stupid. Fun.

Going into playing Death Goat I was fully intending on writing a serious review. However, I was very quickly faced with the reality that this is impossible. The game truly is crazy stupid fun. It’s precisely the type of game that I jump to whenever I want to play a game and I know that I only have a short time available to let off some steam.

The first thing that I quickly found addictive to the game is the music. I’m far from the biggest metal fan in the world but for this game it is absolutely perfect. And it sounds fantastic as well. It definitely works for it. Although not state of the art the graphics are fine for what the game needs them to accomplish as well. The range of power up weapons really give the game some variety that may otherwise be lacking. You’ll find that you quickly fall in love with some of the weapons and when you misstep onto others you’ll find that you loathe them. However, in regards to the weapons that you do not like it is much more about actually learning how to utilize them to maximum efficiency rather than them being a dud weapon.

Death Goat

Death Coat is Hellaciously Cool

Death Goat is just a really cool game. I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I first booted it up and was more than pleasantly surprised when the game turned out to be as cool as what it is. It may never win awards but I am certain that it will win the heart and admiration of much of its player base and quite deservedly so. At $2.99 at full price or at $2.00 during the Steam sale it is certainly worth the price of admission into this Death Goat killing spree.


  • Fast and furious fun
  • Hellaciously cool
  • Great soundtrack
  • Range of power ups
  • Great price point


  • Lack of content


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