DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC: Devil May Cry

“DmC: Devil May Cry” this is a Reboot (Maybe not so true that it is a reboot, after all, it is an alternate reality, or even part of the story and tells how it happened before the “DMC3 “) of consecrated franchise” Devil May Cry “, which was produced and only developed by CAPCOM, however this new development project was given by the” Ninja Theory “she being supervised by it. The game was released in its final version on January 24, 2013.

A whole reimagining was proposed: characters, settings as well as throughout history, have been completely redesigned and given a Western perspective in contrast to the other background games (or predecessors) of the franchise.

Two things were kept and that all give a special touch to the game is its incredibly fluid gameplay and its heavy songs that dictate the pace of the game, being frantic as all other franchise. Something has changed and I particularly liked a lot was the fact that Dante not be the son of a devil with a human, but the son of a devil with an angel making him a “Nephilim.” Unfortunately, this change has changed the transformation and become something which was actually just a frenzy mode and not really a transformation. Fortunately, with this exchange brought other functions, including the use of specific weapons for each character so leaving everything more dynamic, more so than in other games.

DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC: Devil May Cry is spectacular


On the gameplay, portray that is so defined as in other games in the franchise. The MODE 1 transitions, 2 & 3 may be made temporarily by pressing a button while making combos or even permanently, where just push a button will make the change and it will remain so until the player decides.

The style meter can stimulate very well the player to show all their potential, as well as the game. After all to get better scores is necessary to make long combos and using various weapons, this is a great way to stimulate the purchase of upgrades for all weapons and not just those most adapted, as this may not be enough to have RANK high : Dirty, Cruel, Brutal, Anarchic, Savage, SSadistic & SSSensational.

Combos with the secrets discovered phase, the more time gameplay give a certain score with RANK by respective multipliers. consumed items and deaths have negatively to your score, and item equals – x points and deaths equals – x% of points received. Find all the secrets ensures RANK permanent SSS on the stage, however for this is not so simple, because even in the early stages are inaccessible locations and which can only be discovered when the advance further in the game, getting the necessary upgrades, return those phases and repeat all the way.
The game has several game modes, the first with 3 levels and the rest of modes, including Bloody Palace will only be unlocked after completing the game the first time.
Something that pleased me a lot is that all modes are connected, by that I mean that no matter what stage you choose all your upgrades will be available, regardless of your game mode and it makes a huge difference.

About the extras each time complete the game again is received images and skins as a bonus, other items can be unlocked as well.

The plot in DmC: Devil May Cry focuses on Dante

The plot in DmC: Devil May Cry focuses on Dante

Plot Summary

The story is set in Limbo City, a modern city secretly controlled by demons, manipulating humanity through the comforts of life, with demons living in a parallel plan – Limbo. Living on the margins of society and out of the brainwashing is Danta, a young man in conflict with the demons that constantly try to kill him, and the civilian authorities that control them. Dante is warned by Kat who is in danger and she with her psychic abilities can help him escape from Limbo which was sucked there. After this time he is invited to meet the head of “The Order.” After being aware about the organization and about your goal. Dante finds out about his past and his connection with the head of the organization. In the course of events the three characters follow the goal of ridding the world of demons, going after the major cause of all corruption.

Things that caught my attention in particular:
– Excellent Soundtrack.
– Great gameplay, despite the available arsenal numberless.
– Story surroundings.

DmC: Devil May Cry received mixed reviews, both by changes in character as for thinking that there would be changes in gameplay, such as if he had the rebellion the person would not play and the like. This was, as already mentioned, because the very CAPCOM wanted to give a new look, so much so that if it were not so the Ninja Theory have worked the new designer in the old character. However that look based on “The Dark Knight” was great. Even with all the changes the game has not lost its characteristics as many have pointed out, I say this as someone who played their other versions for PS2, this fantastic and well fluid. His songs are so good and its replay factor is as big as the other versions. His story despite trying a touch of reality to the game remains interesting and certainly the game is worth.

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An Additional Review by Nika Kapanadze

DmC: Devil May Cry’ is the fifth installment of an action-adventure hack and slash video game series called ‘Devil May Cry’, developed by ‘Ninja Theory’ and published by ‘Capcom’ in 2013,serving as reboot.

The game story focuses on the character named Dante, you are ‘Nephilim’( a hybrid of demon and angel) seeking the revenge along with your twin brother ‘Vergil’, over the demon king ‘Mundus’ who murdered your mother and condemned your father to the eternal banishment.
The game is set in an alternate reality of the series,it takes place in Limbo City, a modern-day city secretly controlled by powerful demons, manipulating humanity through the comforts of life from the unseen realm of ‘Limbo’.after you discover your identity Dante’s main quest becomes to take revenge over the demon king ‘Mundos’ who viciously murdered her mother and banished father for eternity, having to go through a horde of enemies and powerful creatures to reach his target.

As for the arsenal game offers you variety of weapons alongside the iconic Rebellion and signature handguns Ebony and Ivory, Nephilim you able to use Angelic and Demonic weapons, alongside with their powerful abilities, giving you the variable option of attack combinations,however the variety of monsters require you to switch things up cause some of them can only be slain by the certain type of weapon.

The game has mission type design, levels contain different type of loots and hidden rooms you are able to unlock by finding certain type of keys, it’s usually filled with different type of time beating challenges, which besides rewarding you with some consumable items, also unlocks secret missions aside from main order to clear the level you have to clear the horde of enemies and reach the final destination.


  • Great gameplay
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Brilliant story
  • Variety of environment
  • Variety of weapons
  • Variety of abilities
  • Freedom of combat
  • Range of enemies
  • Fast paced


  • Transformation can lead to a mediocre frenzy mode
  • Stutters after a while (fixed by unplugging and plugging controller back in)
  • Alt-tabbing out of full-screen can slow the game down