Doodle What?!



Doodle WHAT?! is an innovative concept needing extra functionality and features before it exits Early Access

What is Doodle WHAT?!

Poor Ugly Dwarf has developed Doodle WHAT?! as an integrated drawing game for It’s a fantastic concept that encourages Twitch viewers to compete against one another to determine the picture the streamer has drawn. If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of Pictionary over a live Twitch stream then this is the game for you.


As someone who hopes to live stream in the coming months, I was looking for a game that would be perfect as an engagement and prize/giveaway tool. I’m not a fantastically skilled drawer but I have always enjoyed games of Pictionary with friends and family. I hoped that this would deliver a similar sort of experience.

Doodle What?!

Doodle What?! has potential to be a useful game and tool for streamers

Simple and Effective Drawing Tools

The actual drawing tools that the game provides you with are simple and effective. It’s essentially the basic MS Paint tools. Included in the toolset is a drawing line, a fill option, and square and circle options. Players are provided with an eraser as well as undo and clear. You are presented with 21 different colours to draw with.

Players can draw from six different categories including animals, body parts, countries, food, potpourri and custom. Custom, obviously, enables you to add words to the list so that you can draw different things and really add variety to your doodling.

What I’d like to See

While the game is set up for Twitch I’d like to see the game incorporate other broadcast mediums. This includes Steam and YouTube. Although these are used significantly less than Twitch it would increase the potential user base for the product.

I’d also like to see prize systems incorporated into the game. We all know that many streamers run giveaways. This feature would make it easier and encourage streamers to use the game as an innovative way to run and play their giveaways.

It seems like the developers have the basics of their game down pat. It’s really just going to be about adding the features that streamers want.

I’d also like to see something that encourages non-streamers to pick up the game. Until then this game fills a very niche need but the potential customer base for the product is very low. This is in part because many streamers only stream a specific title or genre and wouldn’t find any extensive use for this. The game has the potential to be quite a lot of fun so to see such a low user base is a little disappointing.

Is it Steamified?

The game incorporates Steam trading cards. However, it does not have Steam achievements.

Another option for the game may be to incorporate Steam Workshop accessibility. This would encourage players to upload word lists and increase the shelf life of the product.


Doodle WHAT?! Is a fantastic and potentially innovative title for streamers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much reason for non-Streamers to purchase the game. It’s a very niche title that does what it intends to do. However, because it is a small niche I believe that the potential customer base needs to be increased. Consequently, this is a title recommended only for general streamers.


  • Great concept
  • Serves a very distinct purpose
  • Covers the basics very well


  • Doesn't incorporate non-Twitch broadcast mediums
  • Lacking in added functionality and features


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