Green Game: TimeSwapper Review

This is a platform(?) puzzler where your bird moves along and you have to position/toggle jet blowers and traps to direct the bird safely to the end.


Pleasant graphics though not spectacular. Music also nice enough to be left on but not memorable.

Some variety in the gameplay. You can choose different routes, depending on whether you want to quickly complete the level or take the scenic route to collect the gears.

Polished game, no glitches, cross-platform.


My short summary of the game above reveals the basic, one-dimensional nature of the gameplay here. The levels increase in length but apart from a couple of powerups the gameplay doesn’t really change throughout the game and it can become tedious unless you play in short doses rather than a long session.

I found playing with a mouse difficult, didn’t try keyboard. Switching to controller made it much more manageable.


Beating the levels relies more on trial/error and memory rather than logical brainwork. It’s a rinse-and-repeat type of experience.


50 levels with replay value (try for 3 gears per level). Pricing is about right.


Achievements: 15, all progress-related (no special objectives). Trading cards: 5 (easy badge).


It’s a fine game with no particular flaws so I would recommend it, but it’s not the most interesting or innovative game I’ve ever played.


  • Nice visual theme and music
  • No particular flaws, it's an OK game


  • Becomes tedious and repetitive after a while
  • Eminently forgettable