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Attention: Content Producers – We Want You!

Are you a content producer? Do you monetize your works? Are they reliant on hits, views or some other traffic driving metric?

First Giveaways Over – Winners Announced

The first giveaways on Gamephasis have come to an end. These giveaways were for Card Quest, Zombie Party, and Dungeon Souls

Conan Exiles: Xbox Release Date, Free Expansion

Big news for fans of Conan Exiles.  Funcom has announced a release date for the Xbox One version of the game. They’ve also released the first official trailer for the upcoming free expansion!

Aven Colony: Released July 25th

Team17 Digital Ltd. and Mothership Entertainment have announced that their city building game, Aven Colony, is to be released on July 25th.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice coming August 8

Ninja Theory have dropped the news of their upcoming game’s , Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, release date. It’ll be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 8. They also announced p...[Read More]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Troy Baker is Back

Warner Bros. Home Interactive have today announced that Troy Baker is back to reprise his role of Talion. And more…

Early Access: Drifting Lands graduate

Gamephasis would like to pass along our congratulations to the team at Alkemi on their game, Drifting Lands, graduating Steam Early Access today.

Become a Gamephasis Patreon Today

Gamephasis have started a Patreon.  We would love it if you could sign up and become members. Our Patreon members get much more out of it than what you put in! After discussion with our new editor, An...[Read More]

Relocation, Advertisers, Sponsors, Media Partners and Clients

Warwick Needs to Relocate I’ll start with my, Warwick’s, scary news… I just found out that I need to find a new place to live (in Australia). The person that I’ve been living w...[Read More]

Xbox Game Pass – Is it Worth it Yet?

In true disagreement as a gamer of many years, the slogan ‘More is better’ strikes a completely false chord when it comes to offering mass games subscriptions such as the new Xbox Game Pass. Released ...[Read More]

Last Day of June Announced

Italian developer Ovosonico and 505 Games have announced their upcoming title, The Last Day of June. We here at Gamephasis have a sneaking suspicion that this could be the art house game of 2017. We&#...[Read More]

Defenders of Ekron Coming July 11

In Vitro Games are debuting on the PlayStation 4 with Defenders of Ekron. It’s to be released on June 11. The game looks like an exciting shoot ’em up with lots of heavy action. Gamephasis...[Read More]

Neon Chrome successor JYDGE in Steam Greenlight

Earlier today Gamephasis published Hebert De Souza’s review of Neon Chrome. It turns out that we had almost perfect timing. Developer 10bits have announced the successor to that game. JYDGE is c...[Read More]

Crazy Deal: Onikuma LED Gaming Headset (70% off)

The Gamephasis gStore has a fantastic deal today on the Onikuma LED Gaming Headset.

LOST SPHERE announced by Tokyo RPG Factory & Square Enix

Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix have today announced their upcoming title to be released in early 2018 on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. LOST SPHERE looks very promising. The announcement...[Read More]

Xbox One: KHOLAT coming to Xbox One June 10

KHOLAT is finally coming to Xbox One. Those of you who love your horror-adventure games are in for a treat. The game is narrated by Sean Bean. Gamephasis wish IMGN.PRO the very best with the upcoming ...[Read More]

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Graduates from Early Access

Congratulations to the team over at ACE MADDOX on successfully graduating from the Steam Early Access program and launching their game, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China.

Xbox One: A Hole New World Arriving June 9

Mad Gear Games are delighted to announce that their game, A Hole New World, will be arriving on to Xbox One on June 9. They are also running a contest for the game. I have to say that if I were a coll...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Mega Patch

Studio Wildcard released a massive press release for their latest Ark: Survival Evolved mega patch. Seattle, WA – May 29, 2017 – The team at Studio Wildcard have unleashed today a massive ...[Read More]

PS4/PSVR: Cavernous Wastes Announced

PouncingKitten Games have released the following press release to Games Press announcing the release of their latest game, Cavernous Wastes. Rockville, MD – May 29, 2014 – PouncingKitten Games is plea...[Read More]

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