Interloper is a fantastic RTS for beginners to learn the ropes but has room for experts as well

What is Interloper?

Monogon Games are the developers behind Interloper that saw its release on 21 May 2015. The game is an RTS in its most pure form. The primary objective of the game is to gain control of each map. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes. Because the game is founded on the most simplistic of RTS rules it serves as a fantastic gateway into the genre. Therefore, if you have ever wanted to play an RTS but have felt uncertain as to whether you would enjoy it or intimidated by the big names then this may be the game for you.


The single-player campaign mode starts with a well-presented and implemented tutorial. The game goes through each of the fundamental mechanics that the game is built upon. It is very thorough while affording the player the opportunity to make mistakes along the way. For each mechanic, there are two levels. The first teaches the player the mechanic with the second making the player put the lesson into action. If, at any time, it seems like you have screwed up you can forfeit and restart the match. There is no penalty for doing this and you shouldn’t feel bad if you have to restart once or twice.


The game’s complexity is eased thanks to its tutorials

Short Rounds

Once you have completed the tutorial it is time for you to discover one of the facts of the game. That is that the individual matches or rounds themselves are only intended to last for approximately five minutes or so. I have seen comparisons of Interloper being the RTS equivalent to Hearthstone. It is primarily in the simplicity of gameplay and the anticipated shortness of matches where I believe this to be most fitting.

This places a significant importance on the opening moves of each round. You can quickly find yourselves in a potential match determining position. The simplest mistake early can have those types of consequences. This is both a strength and a weakness of the game. It is a strength because it rewards players who are able to implement successful strategy immediately. However, it is a weakness because matches tend to go one way or the other extremely quickly. I have yet to see many matches where the player who got out of the blocks quickly didn’t end up winning the game. This is in regards to games that I have played myself as well as watched.

Two Weaknesses

There are two very identifiable weaknesses on top of the early gameplay often determining the winner of a match. The first of these is that the game requires greater numbers in online play. Although I enjoyed spending time with the campaign the AI can only go so far. The multiplayer games are fast and furious fun when you can find a match. The other problem that I have with the game is something that can be easily solved. That is that I’d like to see a greater number and variety of maps. There are currently thirteen that can be played with. If this number increased to about twenty that would be fantastic.

Is it Steamified?

Interloper makes fantastic use of Steam’s features. There are trading cards (9) and achievements (20). The title also makes use of the Steam leaderboard system. Furthermore, the game also makes use of cross-platform play.


Interloper should appeal to many people. Firstly, f you’re a fan of RTS games and don’t have time to play those that seemingly take forever to play then the short matches here should appeal. Secondly, if you haven’t played an RTS and are unsure as to whether you would enjoy it then you could definitely do much worse than trying your luck with this one. You may just open yourself up to an entire genre that is bursting at the seams with outstanding titles.


  • Well implemented tutorial
  • Short rounds enable more games to be played
  • Solid presentation
  • Excellent multiplayer when you can find a competitive opponent


  • Games can be decided almost immediately
  • Multiplayer is short of players


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