iZBOT Review

iZBOT is an engrossing super fast action platformer by Daniel Spruce.

When it comes to precision platforming games on Steam the market is stacked. However, that hasn’t stopped a large number of indie developers flooding the market with games of various quality. Sadly it is often the games that are ridiculously bad that get their turn to shine in favor of the more well put together titles that deserve it more. Daniel Spruce released his iZBOT game onto the Steam platform back at the start of September. To this point in time he has ignored the early pleas of the indie bundles world in favor of getting his title into the hands of those who will enjoy it most. A sad consequence of this is that it has remained buried on Steam so it’s about time that it got a little of the spotlight.

I generally read Steam reviews before playing a game to help formulate some idea of what I’m getting myself into. There are a lot of knowledgeable players among Steam’s user base and in part thanks to being able to rate someone’s review contribution you can quickly sort the quality from the muck. If you take a quick browse through iZBOT’s reviews you’ll find that platformer fans have generally similar thoughts on the game. The general train of consensus is that the game is one of the best genre titles to be released in 2015 and that it combines super tight controls with the frustrations and the rage that is generated from the best precision platform titles on Steam such as Super Meat Boy. Those are all things that make platforming engrossing to me.


iZBOT is a fast paced action platformer

The aim of iZBOT, much like any platformer, is to defeat each level but you do have an extra challenge per level in getting a gem. This will, most often, slow down your best time (you can defeat each level without getting the gem) but there is an achievement for hunters when you do collect them all, ‘OCD.’ I personally found that this was the most fun in the game for me. I could zip around the levels but if I really wanted a challenge the gem was the real prize. Once you collect the gem you can then restart the level to see how quickly you could have gone had you not bothered to collect the gem. Alternatively, unless you find the gem on your first play through a better idea may be to get the gem on your second attempt.

iZBOT is every bit as precision as Ruxar bills it as being. This is attested to by the Steam reviewers and having played it for myself I can vouch for that fact. Thankfully it controls superbly, at least with an Xbox One controller, making deaths never feel as though you’ve been cheated. It’s a game that I genuinely believe people who are scared of playing platformers could jump into and learn how to play. Therefore iZBOT gets a firm recommendation for all platformer fans.


  • Super fast
  • A good challenge for vets and newbies
  • High level of precision


  • Graphics could be better


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