klocki Review

I’m a rabid Linux user and it takes a lot of enticement to drag me kicking and screaming into Windows, but I love puzzle games and klocki’s incredible review scores were too tempting to resist.


I was expecting harder puzzles – maybe not hardcore but the screenshots looked like they had some challenge in them at least – but I was surprised to find such easy gameplay. A few levels put up a couple of extra minutes’ resistance but most I just sped straight through non-stop.


It’s a pretty, casual puzzler to spend a couple of hours with. I did enjoy the time.


No level overview, no names/numbers for the levels. You can’t tell how far you’ve progressed in the game. It turns out there are 82 levels but you have no idea during gameplay, you just carry on and then suddenly find yourself on level 1 again. Game over.

Windows only. I know I’m harping on about this, but how hard would it be to port such a simple game over to Linux, really?


Being a $1 game doesn’t automatically make it brilliant value. You have to consider the amount of gameplay and compare it with other games. I’d say $1 is correct for this game but not outstanding. You have to bear in mind there are a bazillion other $1 2-hour games, most of which have trading cards so you can get half your money back.


No achievements. No cards.


I confess I had pre-conceived high expectations for this game but it didn’t live up to the hype. It’s a perfectly nice short puzzler and deserves a recommendation but it’s forgettable and I’ve had better. Examples? OK then:

Zenge is the same price/length/difficulty but it’s prettier, has better music, trading cards, an achievement and Linux; Meld costs more but has 50 times the gameplay (time-wise) with difficulty from easy to hardcore++, making it far better value.

Go on then, downvote me. You needed a reality check amongst all the enthusiasm though. You know it.


  • Pleasant, casual puzzler to pass the time
  • Looks nice enough


  • Lack of level overview or progress indicators
  • No Steam features