Lux Alliance Review

"So WTF does Lux even mean, anyway?" - Wilk

Not sure what Lux means

Lux Alliance seems like a phone or tablet game I’ve been playing recently. It genuinely seems as just about the same thing, but on a computer, and the AI isn’t as dumb as a doorstop. Graphics are nothing better than what one can do in Paint MS. Gameplay is alright. The maps are a little small. There’s a challenge. Not much to talk about. It’s just a basic game which is fun to waste some hours on. There are a few different modes. A community workshop is in place for maps. There are some different sprites. This game is fun, but nothing innovative at all. Personally, I do enjoy playing strategy games more than anything, but I do not think I’d buy this game. One of the best things is the music. But even that is not fantastic.

Lux Alliance

Sound good yet?

I can try to make this game sound better than it is, but it just is not worth acting better than what it is worth. Just get World Conqueror on phone for free, it’s effectively the same as this game is trying to mimic. I’ve played one or two good game modes. Hex Lords, which is a hex-grid domination version of the others, which are just different time periods of the world when it was at combat, with some key historical periods such as the rule of Alexander the Great, WWII and the Great Mongol Horde. The most enjoyable mode was Hex Lords, it would be cool to see more content such as this in the game, perhaps a larger map. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s not comparable to any other game, but that’s largely just because it’s on a very small scale.

Lux Alliance

Is there anything worthy of noting positively?

Well, Hex Lords is the best thing in the game from my experience. It’s old-school and it works. The rest are just unpolished and relatively boring. Hex Lords is not in-depth, it’s not a game mode which takes multiple hours to play through, it’s just your standard, your well-known old-school strategy. It is enjoyable. It is something most people are familiar with.

Lux Alliance


  • Hex Lords
  • Community workshop
  • Music


  • Poor graphics
  • Too portable-like
  • Modes other than Hex Lords are poor


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