LUXIS Review

LUXIS is a 3D physics-based action puzzler. I'm a big fan of Neon Space and this is like a next-generation deluxe version of it.




Each level is a maze and you’re the lab rat. You can only see the local room/corridor, not the whole map, so you’re exploring the level to find your way around to the final exit node. You control a glowing orb with a comet tail. It starts white but you have to move it onto different colour nodes to change its colour to unlock nodes of that colour to unlock gates to open up new passageways to find balls to move past obstacles to other colour nodes to open other gates… etc etc, you get the idea 🙂

My controller skills have always been poor and as expected for the first few levels my performance was awful. Pretty early on it became a case of not just controlling the orb but pushing floating balls around with it like a football, making it extra tricky. After doing this for a while I discovered that the action of simply moving the orb had become relatively easy and I found myself whizzing around the place at breakneck speed with precise cornering. I was Dumbfounded at my sudden skill (see what I did there?)

New game mechanics arrive at regular intervals, no format outstays its welcome. You want to keep playing as it becomes trickier and the obstacles (some of which chase you) ever more interesting.

Throughout all levels there are ‘Glitches’ to collect. They are always in out-of-the-way passages so it’s possible to complete levels without collecting any. However, the game has 5 main sections and you need to collect a certain number of Glitches to progress to the next section. I would have thought most developers would try to avoid the word ‘glitch’ but I’m happy to report that these are the only type found in the game.



Sound & Vision

Graphics are clean and stunning, with perfect lighting. The neon colours are gorgeous and stylishly put together, it’s not in-yer-face neon just to get your attention, every colour is meaningful to the puzzle of the level. There is no unnecessary small detailing, objects are crisp and sharp in keeping with the gameplay itself. The long shadows in some areas have a super WOW factor which I’ve never seen before.

Music is brisk and catchy but not annoying. It comes and goes rather than being permanently on. I like that. I left it on. One minor annoyance is that there’s no in-game volume control.


It ramps up at a comfortable pace. At time of writing, I’m on the 4th section out of 5 and both the puzzle elements and orb control are becoming quite challenging but not to the point of rage-quit… yet!


With this type of game it’s important to have responsive, intuitive controls, good spacing of walls and that kind of thing – there’s nothing worse than occasional lag, glitches or imprecise movement to ruin the ambiance. LUXIS delivers with lovely fluid movement and well designed levels that feel natural to play. For example, at the corners of long corridors you find strategically placed ‘bouncers’ which propel you to the end of the passage, saving you time. It’s the little touches like this which make it a joy to play.

Windows and Mac are available and Linux is on the way (the dev told me so). Yay!




Trading cards, achievements and cloud are all included. I would like to see leaderboards added, it’s the sort of game that could benefit from it.


50 levels separated into 5 main sections. The levels in the first half of the game all take less than 5 minutes from start to finish, then later on stretching towards 10 minutes. It always takes multiple attempts to complete levels though. I haven’t finished yet but I’m guessing I’ll get a good 10 hours out of it. There’s plenty of replay value – levels have timers on them so once completed you can go back and try to beat your times. Sections also have total time taken. The overall quality is top notch so I have no hesitation in recommending it at full price.


Games of this type can sometimes become samey and tedious but LUXIS stays fresh and challenging throughout, with smooth controls and beautiful eye candy to top it all off. Love it.


  • Challenging puzzle elements
  • Smooth controls
  • Beautiful eye candy


  • No Linux yet