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The team at Gamephasis are highly educated professionals who are also passionate gamers. Each member of the team adds different elements that have made each of them successful prior to the creation of Gamephasis.



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About Us
Writer, Editor, Founder
Warwick founded Gamephasis on the back of a combined 15 years of professional experience in the digital world. He is a digital communications and marketing guru and a sublimely talented professional writer and publisher. Beyond Gamephasis he also operates Growphasis, a Gold Coast based digital consulting agency.

Location: Runaway Bay (Gold Coast), Australia


About Us
Reviewer, Moderator
Andrei is a business specialist by the day and a self-professed asshole, gamer, reviewer by the night. Not necessarily in that order. Andrei is a valued contributor to the Gamephasis team.

Location: Toronto, Canada

About Us
Reviewer, Moderator
David, aka DarkZoregon, is one of the founding members of the Steamified team. He is a talented gamer and an outstanding writer in his native Portuguese. He is developing stronger English skills. The level of psychological intellect and strength in his writing is second to none.  Gaming is more than a hobby to David, it is a way for him to view the deeper meaning of life.


Location: Brazil

About Us
An artist, who lived between nuclear holocausts and Metroids in childhood grew up with claims residents climbed colossi, fought demons and aliens and try to create a masterpiece that will leave the world better. Or at least most challenging.

Location: Brazil

About Us
Silas Abhi
An engineer, a cricketer and an avid gamer. I have been gaming since the 90’s and love all games of genres. Reviewing Games has been my passion for a long time and I have started pursuing it recently aside from my other ventures.
About Us
Reviewer, Admin
Tim aka “silversuriv” joined the Gamephasis team to extend his journey throughout the game industry. He currently runs ‘Before You Buy‘ – a Steam group where he hosts his reviews for Steam related games.

Location: Florida, USA


About Us
Metalhead who loves strategy games. Codes, trains, plays and writes day-by-day; with no cheat days allowed. Found a passion in playing games while listening to some heavy shit, and getting those games for free; who’d figure such a deal is worthwhile for a poor college student. Also, has found a love and patriotism bond with multiple countries from strategy games.