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General FAQ

What is Gamephasis?

Gamephasis is a new and exciting games, hardware and entertainment media outlet. Our team members have worked with and for other news and entertainment organizations in the past.

What does 'Gamephasis' mean?

‘Gamephasis’ is a merger of two words common in the English language. Those words are ‘game’ and ’emphasis.’

The definition of emphasis is ‘special importance, value, or prominence given to something’ and/or ‘stress given to a word or words when speaking to indicate particular importance.’ Therefore, Gamephasis is placing a special importance and prominence on games and gaming culture in general.

Where is Gamephasis headquartered?

Gamephasis team members are located around the world. Our founder, Warwick Janetzki, is located near Brisbane in Australia. Therefore, if you want to consider Gamephasis as having a headquarters then Brisbane is the most appropriate place.

Can I submit a game to Gamephasis?

Yes. If you are a developer or publisher looking to add your game on our site. Please fill out our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you are a fan of a game not featured on our site, please let us know about it as well and we will create a hub for it.

Can I submit an image or video to Gamephasis?

Yes. Please upload it to an image or video host (e.g. imgur, YouTube) if they are yours and not already online and fill out our contact form. Make sure to include the link within your message. We will assess the image or video for its quality and suitability for Gamephasis before sharing it with our community.

Can I submit a news story to Gamephasis?

Yes. Please provide as many details as possible, or include your press release if you’re a developer or publisher, by filling our fill out our contact form.

Can I submit a game guide to Gamephasis?

Absolutely. We’d love for you to contribute your guides to your favorite games to Gamephasis. Contact us and submit your guide.

If the game your guide corresponds to isn’t already on the site then there is a high likelihood that we’ll create a hub page for that game on site.

How can I advertise on Gamephasis?

Gamephasis has a number of different avenues for advertising. We’ll be creating an advertising hub shortly. However, please contact us in the meantime and we can discuss possibilities.

I'd like to join the Gamephasis team. Can I?

Gamephasis is always on the lookout for talented people who are interested in joining our team. Please fill out our contact form and tell us what you are able to contribute to the site.

We are looking for designers, artists, writers and more.

Review FAQ

What is your review code request policy?

We have a strict review code policy. Warwick is the only staff member that is permitted to obtain review code on behalf of Gamephasis. No other person is permitted to request review code or to contact developers or publishers on behalf of the site.

The only time a member of the Gamephasis team will contact a developer or publisher in relation to review keys is if they have their own review site beyond Gamephasis. In this case, the team member is not representing Gamephasis. Consequently, developers and publishers should not expect to have their game added to the site in these cases.

Therefore, the only e-mail addresses that is authorized to request a game on behalf of Gamephasis are [email protected] and temporarily, [email protected]

I have received a request for a game from somebody claiming to be Gamephasis. Are they legitimate?

What are your review standards?

Positive reviews are not guaranteed nor can they be purchased. Gamephasis will always ensure that all games that are reviewed on this website are given an honest opportunity before we write and feature our reviews. Consequently, our reviews are as free of bias as possible.

Competition and Giveaway FAQ

Do you announce winners?

Yes. We announce winners for all of our giveaways and competitions in the ‘Winners’ thread in the ‘Giveaways and Competitions’ forum. We cannot promise that this will be updated immediately after a giveaway/competition has ended. However, we will endeavor to post as soon as possible.

Why do you delete giveaway pages when they are finished?

It’s no secret that gamers love competitions and giveaways. A lot of people discover websites such as ours through them. We believe that it is a horrible user experience to discover giveaways after they have been won and dusted. Therefore, when we draw our winners we will announce the winners and then delete the giveaway page from the appropriate game hub. This ensures that everyone finds out who won a particular giveaway while ensuring the best user experience possible for newcomers.

I won a game for a platform that I do not own. Can I swap for a copy that I do have?

Unfortunately, no. When entering our giveaways and competitions please ensure that you are able to play the game that you win. We would like to think that our winners play the games that they win. If you trade or sell your winnings then that is your choice.

What happens if I win a region locked game or a game in a region other than my own?

This is something that you need to consider when entering one of our competitions/giveaways. If you are on a console you can create an account in another region and redeem your key. However, if you are region-locked on Steam there is nothing that we can do about it.

I won a physical item but I do not live in your region. Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We will ship your item overseas if your country will accept the delivery.

My key doesn't work for a reason other than region locking. Can you fix it?

We will endeavor to fix your situation to the best of our ability. The resolution will be on a case by case basis.

If it is in the case of a developer-sponsored giveaway we will communicate with the developer-publisher to get a new key. It is up to them what they do in each case. Do note that in communicating with them we will provide them with the key that you claim did not work. Therefore, there is a likelihood that this key will ultimately be revoked.

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