Rescue Love Revenge Review

Rescue Love Revenge is an episodic runner-platformer action adventure with a spaghetti western theme. If you’re a fan of the types of movies and games where the hero, in this case, a cowboy, must rescue the girl then the basic premise of the game should hold some appeal.

The game’s first act, the remainder is to be released in an episodic nature when each act is completed, was recently released into Steam Early Access. In fact, the first act may also evolve into something more than the opening two chapters. I am led to believe that there are plans to add further gameplay styles and incorporate other genres into the games, therefore, please realize that this is a very much in progress insight rather than a full-on review.


The gameplay is very typical of the runner-platformer style. For those who have not previously played a game in this genre, your basic objective is to get to the end of each level as quickly as possible. Along the way, you must maneuver to avoid obstacles and collect as many coins as possible.

Rescue Love Revenge has runner style levels

Rescue Love Revenge has runner style levels

You will want to be mindful of this last fact. You must collect a thousand coins before you can unlock the second chapter of the act. Getting these coins is not as easy as you might imagine it to be. I almost guarantee that all but the most expert of players will miss a lot of coins on every level. I’m averaging about 45 coins per level.

Gameplay in each of the levels that I have played thus far has been quite challenging but also enjoyable. The game has been a good test of my skills as a player. I gain a measure of reward whenever I complete each level. The size of each level begins at about half a minute with the longer levels lasting over a minute. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that there are checkpoints in the longer levels as every time I have died in a longer level it has required a complete level restart.

The biggest downside to the game is that it tends to feel unfair at times. There are places that you cannot possibly know if you need to jump, double jump or allow yourself to fall to get to the next part of the level. I am not a fan of this as it adds almost needless repetition to the levels. This repetition requires you to possess the ability to memorize the layout of each level otherwise you will find yourself dying at the same point repeatedly. This can prove to be aggravating to the point of rage inducing.

As well as collecting coins to unlock the second chapter those who enjoy unlocking cosmetics and boosters will be delighted to know that there is an in-game store. These purchase options are available through the inventory menu.


The developers at Hatchlight and Trepid Studios have a thorough understanding of the right color palette required to capture the atmosphere that they wanted. The game is pleasing on the eyes despite or perhaps because of its simplicity. The first time that I looked at the game feels a bit like what I would imagine Minecraft would look like if it were a platformer. Some of the pieces of the background look like something out of Tetris.

Rescue Love Revenge: We're fans of the color palette and polygon graphics

We’re fans of the color palette and polygon graphics

The soundtrack is suitable although it is not memorable.

I haven’t run across any bugs in either the gameplay or the presentation to this point in time.

Steam Features

There are two Steam achievements. To unlock these all you need to do is complete all of the levels in each of the two available chapters.

Rescue Love Revenge also incorporates Steam Leaderboards into the game. This will give competitive players a reason to get the highest score possible.


The opening two chapters are a lot of fun and I can recommend them to anyone who enjoys platformer and runner style games. Unfortunately, because this is an in-progress review I am unable to give the game a review score.

I am very much interested in discovering where the game develops from here.

About the Developers

Hatchlight is a small indie game dev collective who aspire to make fantastic games. In exchange for bringing you the games that they are passionate about progress may be slow. Each member of the team works day jobs with this being passionate hobby.

Warwick is a graduate of Curtin University. He is one of three people in the world (that we know of) to hold degrees in professional writing, marketing and Internet Communications. He is a passionate sports and gaming fan dedicated to cheering on his beloved teams (Carlton in the AFL, the Blazers, Patriots and Angels in American sports and Man City in the EPL), gamer and dog lover. His favorite genres are adventure, RPG and card games.