Selma and the Wisp Review

You control the Wisp (glowing orb) which Selma follows along the platform. The Wisp slowly fades so you have to feed it by picking up beads along the way. If the Wisp is too far away from Selma her heart fades until she dies. She dies a lot because the Wisp also has to move ahead to take care of picking up tools, breaking obstacles and killing enemies to open up the path for Selma.


Very simple mechanics. Much of the game consists of simply moving the Wisp ahead for Selma to follow. Left and right-clicking come into play but it’s a completely one-handed affair with a mouse. Controller also supported.

Numerous waypoints to offset the frequent deaths. You can concentrate on one puzzle at a time without any tedious repetition of completed sections.

Stylish 2D graphics with picturesque objects and scenery throughout. In particular I loved the polygonal animals in early game. Nice beaver!

There’s a story I think, but these things go over my head. Cool ending anyway. Something for the armchair analysts to think about.

Nice background music and there’s an original country song in there somewhere.

Smooth performance, no glitches.


The Linux version is currently broken but there’s a fix on the way soon. This really is the only con I could think of. The pleasure of the game overshadowed the distaste of having to play it in Windoze anyway.


It’s a casual puzzle game rather than hardcore, for sure. There are no ground-breaking puzzle elements that I haven’t seen before but they are all well executed and provide enough challenge to keep it interesting. Some solutions are obvious, but not all.


No trading cards yet. 11 achievements, all drop during normal progress. Easy to 100%.


It’s a good game but overpriced for the 2-3 hours of content. No replay value. Wait for a sale.


This is a charming little casual platform adventure puzzler (I’m going for the consecutive adjective achievement) to keep you entertained for a couple of hours. I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.


  • Beautiful 2D graphics with some 3D elements
  • Casual, relaxing puzzling


  • Linux is still broken at time of writing, even after a recent feature upgrade