Sinless Review

Sinless is the opening act of a cyberpunk adventure trilogy headlined by great audiovisual presentation

MGP Studios have given one almighty attempt at recreating the great point and click adventures from the 1990’s in their new game, Sinless. Admittedly, I have yet to complete the game. However, from what I have played I do believe that MGP Studios have done a very good job of crafting a well told story that is both engaging and immersive. These are two vital points in any good adventure game.Although the narrative is absolutely immersive the game achieves a greater standard than that. The developers understood and very nearly perfected an art style in regards to the graphics and the sound of the game. Both help establish a deeper than ordinary level of immersion from the very beginning of the game. In fact, throughout my entire play time thus far the game has achieved keeping me remaining fully within its world. I particularly enjoyed the lighting in the graphics and the utilization of lens flair.


Sinless has a great overall artistic presentation

One thing to note is that you will be required to read a lot. If you’re not the type of gamer who can be bothered to read through a lot of text that is vital to the narrative then chances are that this game will not be for you. Another potential flaw is that although the immersion is quick to take hold the game starts rather slowly. If you’re somebody who has to be into the game very early then there is a possibility that you may find yourself giving up on Sinless before it has pulled you completely in. I, myself, am someone who can grow into a game as long as there is a clear level of immersion which is what this game me.

Of final note is the importance that Sinless is the first of a three part series.

As I have yet to complete the game I can recommend it for the art styling – both audio and visual – and the level of immersion that I gained throughout my time in the game world. I look forward to completing Sinless and providing a complete review of the game in the near future.


  • Great artwork
  • Delightful audio presentation
  • High level of immersion


  • First part of a trilogy - no conclusion and no guarantee of completion


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