The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition Review

Specialbit's The Last Dream: Developer's Edition is simply gorgeous

The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition in a Nutshell

Specialbit Studio are a small Indie team located in the Ukraine. The Last Dream is their second game on Steam following Inbetween Land, a hidden object game that was met with positive reviews. Given their favorable feedback on that game it’s no surprise to see them utilize features right out of the HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) genre again. However, the team have done something a little different and implemented full motion video sequences to create a more well rounded and deeper title. The result in The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition is a fantastic surreal mystery adventure that should stay with you long after you’ve completed it. I believe that it’s a title that will emerge into consideration as a gem that was hidden by its release during the feverish holiday and sale season.

The Last Dream

The Last Dream is beautiful



  • Great atmosphere
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Good use of full motion video
  • Has a demo available on Steam


  • Imbalanced puzzle to hidden object scene ratio


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