The Tribe



The Tribe is a cool concept but isn't as rewarding as it should be

What is The Tribe?

The Tribe is what the developers describe as a ‘tactical hardcore runner’ comprised of resource management and environment interactions. Players guide their tribes throughout each run with the primary objective of getting your shaman through to the end of each run. If the shaman dies then it is game over. In order to accomplish this mammoth task, players can separate and unite their tribe with a single press of the left and right mouse button. The game is played entirely with the mouse. Consequently, I suggest that the gameplay is relatively simple to learn and accessible to everyone.

Rewarding Experiences

I know that there has been quite a lot of people play the game. However, as of writing, I am ranked 42nd in single run leaders and 37th in big pass leaders. Getting through to the end of a single run is mighty hard work. However, the longer that you are able to survive the greater the reward legitimately feels. Consequently, having any sort of success should be considered an achievement. I recommend that players who are experienced at both strategy and runner style games would find something that they would appreciate here.

The Tribe

Crossing the bridge should feel more rewarding in competitive play than what it does

Graphics & Sound

One of the highlights to date are the pixelated graphics. They help provide the game with a retro feel. However, the gameplay feels new enough that in playing the game I am never given a ‘been there, done that’ type feeling. The originality in the game is quite striking. For being as simplistic as they look the animations are quite well done. The game is relatively easy on the eyes and is the basis of a number of good game design decisions.

I am also a fan of the sound that is featured within the game. The tribal music matches the theme and the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The other sounds are basic and again retro in style but they accomplish what the developers have set out to do.


The only problem that I have in the game is that of starvation. Runs can be doomed from the beginning and through absolutely no fault of your own. If you are not presented with food early enough in the run your tribesmen will starve to death. This happens too regularly for my liking. I had several runs in succession where food did not generate on the screen until after everyone had died. It isn’t a case of not seeing an event generate but a case of it never generating. It seems like it’s all a little bit of pot luck at times. Hopefully, this changes throughout its further development.

The Tribe

Feed your men in The Tribe and avoid starvation

Is it Steamified?

There are 7 trading cards to collect as well as 11 Steam achievements to unlock. The game also incorporates the Steam Leaderboard system into its mechanics. This most certainly makes the game Steamified.


I recently read a discussion on Reddit’s /r/games about people finding it difficult to differentiate between a game being a bad title and a player simply not enjoying a game. This is a statement that I agree with to a certain extent. To be perfectly honest as much as I enjoyed certain aspects of The Tribe it isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. However, to claim that it is a bad game would be entirely incorrect. It is a very solidly developed title to date. I am certain that its target audience would thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, I look forward to revisiting the game throughout its development. I’d like it to be an Early Access success. I think it deserves to be.


The Tribe left Early Access not even two weeks after I wrote my review. Unfortunately, the changes that I hoped would be made weren’t. The game was almost¬†as is. As such my opinion of the game has slightly altered for the worst. The game has potential and is a solid game but isn’t as good as it could have been. Unfortunately, as a friend of mine who played it after acquiring it an indie bundle it has now been relegated to ‘average indie bundle standard.’

Developed by: Tribe Tea, Stas Shostak, Evgeniy Yudin, Alekzander Protasenya, Ruslan Viter
Published by: Stas Shostak
Released on: 27 August, 2016


  • Cool runner concept


  • Not as rewarding as it should be
  • Potential improvements seem to be ignored


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