The Walking Dead Review

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a game point and click genre of horror based on the comics of the same name created by Robert Kirkman. Since the game was developed and published by Telltale Games with release date on 24 April 2012. In fact, the game itself can be considered an “interactive cinematic” where more watch than play, but even so it does not takes the most important sense: decisions.

We must face many difficult and very stressful situations, perhaps the time is regarded as the greatest enemy that the player can have. After all, every choice is a totally different answer and even when we remain silent (there is the “…” or when the time runs out choice) it might mean something. Can strengthen friendships or create enemies, but perhaps what is more cruel to anyone who plays or is the explicit violence, for the most part, but the decision of who should help. In the beginning, all are strangers and it’s just a game any, but as time passes you can know them better and to create affection for each of them or even depending on the situation you can create anger and try everything to take revenge someone who was bad for both you, Lee Everett, and for Clementine. This tie the player creates with the main characters is something indescribable and eventually becomes so strong that at times you might end up crying. When walking story, choices as who stays and who goes, and who enters the group may be common and really dangerous, after all are not what they claim to be.
The game’s story is quite cliche, try to survive in a world full of zombies, and despite all the harm they caused, can not compare to what humans can do to satisfy your survival instinct. But the game can develop the plot in a way that I consider exquisite, creating a differential and an incredible depth, highlighting even more the series and comic.

The Walking Dead reflects well upon its comic book counterpart

The Walking Dead reflects well upon its comic book counterpart

Things that caught my attention in particular:

  • Drama completely engaging and full of twists.
  • Striking characters and well worked, mostly.
  • The quality of animation is equivalent to the designer of the comic.
  • The choices affect the continuation of the game.
  • Great emotional load that can affect the player an indescribable way, the amazing thing is that we end up creating a special affection by the protagonists.

The Walking Dead is no doubt is a remarkable and unforgettable game with an amazing story and simple gameplay. Perhaps the only game of the problem is the lack of difficulty, but perhaps this is more a matter of accessibility and so those who want to just “see” can take the course also, without fear of “suffering”. What I find most impressive is how this game can shake the sentimental and the ease that he has to become admired by those who have the pleasure of playing. There should be no doubt why the game has won the GOTY in 2012, after a masterpiece like this should receive their deserved recognition.


  • The story is full of twists
  • Character writing
  • Quality of animation compares well to the comics
  • Your choices matter
  • The game can be emotional


  • Story is cliche