Victor Vran Review

DEFFA was fully engrossed by Victor Vran

‘Victor Vran’ is an action RPG game that was developed by ‘Haemimont Games’ and published by EuroVideo Medien, along with the solo mode for the campaign, the game offers multiplayer, co-op up to 4 people, PVP, local co-op and survival modes. On top of that developers were kind enough to give out some free DLC, which extends the variety of gameplay and length, besides that, all the extra bounty and treasure chest quests are shareable between the players, at no cost, you don’t have to be in a party with a guy or be a friend of him, by sharing everyone who completes it will get the credit, you only got to complete the quest in time to get a reward.

Victor Vran

The Story of Victor Vran

Speaking of story, you are playing as ‘Victor Vran’, a demon hunter who has arrived in the city of Zagorovia, to help its inhabitants fight off a demon infestation of unknown origin, there’s not much I am willing to give out, since I don’t want to spoil the storyline for people who haven’t played it yet I think that’s one of the most important things about the I’ll leave it for you to explore.

Storyline itself isn’t long if you’re a bit experienced in that kind of games, however that’s not where game ends, each zone has normal/elite challenges you can complete, also developers were kind enough to add free DLC as I mentioned, which offers PVP and PvE zones and challenges and survival mode, so there’s still a lot of stuff to do after you beat the storyline

Victor Vran


As for gameplay, unlike other ARPGS, you aren’t forced to play with the only mouse and use keys for abilities, you are free to use WASD for the movement which is probably the most comfortable way to play, you can also jump over obstacles, roll and etc. there’s no talents or paths you can go for, it’s all defined by your equipotently have a variety of weapons to choose from each one of them has it’s unique stats, but same skillset which is determined by the weapon type, alongside weapons there’s customizable outfits, and divination cards, which totally changes the gameplay, increase stats or craft completely different items by the crafting system game has to offer, you are free to switch things up anytime, go from melee to range or another way around trying to exploit the weakness of the variety of enemies game challenges you to go against which you can make it even harder if you are up for challenges, besides the basic challenges each zone has alongside their rewards, you can enable so-called ‘hexes’ which you unlock at certain levels and makes enemies even stronger but more profitable for your own sake, zones are also filled with secret rooms having hidden treasure chests in them.

Victor Vran



  • Variety of weapons
  • Variety of enemies
  • Variety of challenges
  • Freedom of customisation
  • Freedom of movement
  • Combat system
  • Assortment of modes


  • Flexibility of crafting
  • Amount of PvP players


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