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After well over how many hours into this near perfect game I at first thought I’d get, I have decided to complete a review.


The graphics in Warframe are absolutely stunning for a F2P game, even if it would be a Pay2Play game, it would still be jaw-dropping. However, in Warframe, you could play on med-high setting and still get 60+fps while getting an amazing experience making you feel as if you’re going at max speed on a rollercoaster, completely dazed. Although the older computers might not be able to play the game on med-high settings, they’ll still have a similar adventure during their game-time because of a smart move by DE (Digital Extremes aka the devs of Warframe) which just adds so much actions taking place at the same time, you won’t have enough time to spot a graphic you might not want. In Warframe, you can turn on Nvidia PhysX effects (as long as you have an Nvidia card) for the best experience coupled with max settings while having 45-60fps.

Warframe is spectacular

Warframe is spectacular


In this game, the tedious amount of farming required to earn an item you really want to craft is just unbelievable! Although I didn’t mind farming the other 50+ hours for some little things, I was completely enraged when I realized I spent around 10 hours trying to get a single blueprint part for a warframe ( a full warframe is made of: systems blueprint, a helmet blueprint, chassis blueprint, warframe blueprint and a random material). But in the end I did find the part that I needed, however I gave up trying once I traded for another part and couldn’t find any more parts. So apart from farming, the gameplay is extremely well done. It comes with around 8 PvE gamemodes and the other 2 gamemodes are PvP. So far there’s only 2 gamemodes I and a whole part of the community didn’t enjoy. The first one being called Spy 2.0 (DE remade the ‘Spy’ missions to produce what they thought to be a better gamemode), you basically become a hacker who has to find 3 (usually it’s 3) different objectives that are in vault rooms, but the player(s) have to find a way inside them, the enemy faction could destroy the current objective if the tenno are spotted. The second gamemode which wasn’t that great was Excavation. There’s this massive machine which digs into the ground for minerals while you have to defend it from damage and also keep it’s power up by killing enemies, however, there is only one type of enemy which drops the power cells. Apart from all of that nonsense, you could create weapons ,sentinels, companions, Clan Dojo’s and tons more. If you want even more of the game, just join a clan, craft a key to get inside their Dojo (clan HUB type of area) and find their foundry rooms for even more blueprints!


Warframe is absolutely amazing with maps! The whole map will never be the same since it is always randomly generated using a bunch of different tilesets. In the maps there are usually secrets that don’t always pay-off finding them, but if you want time to go by quick, try to find a few in a mission, it’ll give you credits and sometimes materials. The tilesets are very fun to try and parkour around once you know them well, especially the Grineer (an enemy faction) ones.In the Orokin Void there’s some new traps, obstacles and secrets, same goes with all the other tilesets. Other than that there’s not really that much to say.
Pay2Win or Play2Win?

In Warframe, there’s two currencies, Credits and Platinum. You can get credits for just playing the game, but can also get platinum as a daily reward (around 20). Every player starts with 50 plat. You could pay for nearly anything in the game using platinum, including more slots for Warframes or weapons, speeding up items that are being built, and use it to trade. A daily reward is also a coupon that can even give you -75% the normal price of platinum, so you could buy the most amount of platinum (3000 if I remember correctly) for only around 100 of whatever currency you use (WAY less than half price!). So you can go the easy route and pay your way to the games core, or just get free stuff as you go along, which is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a game!


Pay to win or play to win? The choice is yours!


So I would give this game an easy recommendation, no question needed… unless you don’t have time to grind, or don’t like playing games much, or are very busy.

Any questions? Ask me in game: BloodStun.


  • Great developers
  • Awesome graphics
  • A lot of content to unlock
  • Tons to customize with a lot of support
  • Player made clan dojos
  • Intuitive combat


  • Farming can be tedious
  • Starting out can be harsh


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