World of One Review

World of One is a game with a very interesting narrative and many visual details.

For those who like Tim Burton, you’ll feel right at home with the pseudo-Goth / Soft Horror aspect of the game that remembers Limbo. Limbo is more minimalist than World of One. Without spoilers, the story begins totally nonsense: your character begins sitting in his little rocking chair, in front of his little house, on his little planet, When something small happens (oh god, sorry!). A lighthouse emerges on your planet that takes you to another small planet, and that’s where your adventures begin, trying to get back home.

World of One


The art of the game is very well cared for, especially in relation to the animations. The stages are cemeteries, dark forests, a playground (with a Ferris wheel and everything!), All presented in this style with silhouettes and mist. The enemies are very interesting and varied with their own animations and sharp-pointed. Your character is cool too, actually remembering something that Tim Burton would do. Personally, I liked most of the enemies! (Sorry Grimwood Team) 😉 The movement on the little planets sometimes left me a little nauseated, but I liked it! I think that was the idea. The feeling that it is the planet that spins as you walk. But the animations that your character performs are very varied and appropriate giving a touch of more professionalism to the developers. Good Job.

World of One


The audio is good, the songs are good and adequate, and the sound effects are well applied, but I believe this is where their lower notes appear. The songs do not appear throughout the stage and your character makes virtually no sound. Sounds are applied to the environment as in traps and enemies but your character remains silent as well as your movements. A pity since I liked the songs!


The gameplay is a typical puzzle platform game. The commands are suitable as jump, interact and there is also a mechanic in which you can save up to three items that you will need to solve the puzzles to be able to advance through the stages. You deal with very interesting situations regarding planetary physics: there are times when satellites or moons will vary gravity and modify your ability to jump. There are also keys that one has to capture that will get you some work. Nothing too hard. Enemies will not let you go on and some will kill you several times before you learn their pattern. The controls respond well and are simple to learn (like any good game should be!). As far as I played, I did not quite understand the function of the telescope (it’s cool to observe the planet from afar, but is there any other function?)

World of One


In general, the player will have fun, and the depressive mood of the game will not affect you. The beautiful graphics and animations are rewarding and the story will leave you interested enough to play to the end. A game that was well done and fun.


  • Beautiful artwork
  • Very interesting planetary physics
  • Good audio
  • Challenging


  • Poor in game audio
  • Telescope is confusing


Art - 8
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 7
Fun - 7