You Deserve



You Deserve is a fair effort by a young Latin American development team

What is You Deserve?

You Deserve is a horror adventure game made with the Unity engine and can best be compared to Slender Man and Amnesia. It’s yet another of what has become the most dominant subgenre of indie horror games. Just another to add to the collection. I’ve enjoyed my share of horror games this year which is more than I initially thought that I would. What I look for in a horror game these days is something that will get me onto the edge of my seat, send shivers down my spine and make me a bit scared. Therefore, I will judge the game based on the emotions and feelings that the game managed to elicit out of me.


There are a few places that I got stuck in. One of these was the water area. You have a limited amount of time to find a tool, a crowbar, to move boxes and get you to safety. This was arguably the single most frustrating aspect of the entire game. I have noticed in watching others play the same part of the game have the same difficulty that I did. This may be the ambition of the devs but I would argue that it’s a poorly thought out one. Frustration for the sake of frustration is rarely good.


Yes. The game got me on a few occasions. I’m not usually a big fan of jump scares. I think it is a cheap trick that is over-utilized by developers who are unable to make you scared through their storytelling, level, and game design. However, the jump scares that were implemented into the game are genuinely well done. A few of them I did not see coming. This gives the game a big tick in my opinion.

Furthermore, I believe that the storytelling, in general, is well done. It captured my attention early in the game. I feel that the developers have drawn inspiration from The Ring movie franchise more so the Japanese version of the story rather than the Hollywood version. The Japanese movies are among my favorite horror movies so I have to commend the developers on making me see a correlation between the two games. It’s a loose one but it is present.

You Deserve

Scenes like this help make You Deserve atmospheric and immersive


Immersion in a horror game is a clincher for me. I played the game with my headphones on. The greatest scare that I had throughout my playtime was when Ainslie (my girlfriend) tapped me on the shoulder to talk to me. I was immersed into the game to the point that having both of our dogs and her in my home office area. Our puppy is so rambunctious that I always hear him. Therefore, I have to say that the game was able to grab me and draw me into its charm.


I’m not the type of gamer who generally enjoys searching for every note, document, etc. that opens up the story. I generally feel that it’s a lazy way to incorporate the storytelling into a game. There are rare exceptions, however, when these aides a game and this was one of them. You’re not forced to do so if you just want to scoot through the game you can. However, if story is important to you then these notes are worth the effort of stopping and reading them. They work as a great tool and are, for the most part, well written.

Is it Steamified?

You Deserve has a set of trading cards and 11 Steam achievements. Therefore, it is as Steamified as a single-player adventure horror game can be.


Although You Deserve elicited the right emotions out of me it is not the greatest horror game that I have played. Nor do I expect you to be able to make that claim when you play it. However, the developers have never made that type of claim. What it is, however, is a solid entry into a genre that has a lot of crap to sort through. Therefore, this is a recommendation to those of you who consider yourselves to be horror enthusiasts.

Developer: TGA Company
Publisher: TGA Company
Release date: 19 August 2016


  • It made me care about the story
  • Elicited the right responses
  • Good effort by a young development team


  • A few glitches
  • Teething problems
  • Average presentation


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