Zenge Review

A short, casual, spatial-awareness puzzler. You are given a number of small shapes which you have to move around on lines and manipulate in various ways in order to fit them together to make a final large shape which then reveals a piece of artwork to progress the story of the little journeyman. Mechanics include rotation, flipping, shrink/expand, transfer, toggling colour coded lines. There’s not a single word of text or explanation throughout, none is necessary, the game mechanics reveal themselves naturally and effortlessly.


  • Beautifully drawn levels, very nice to look at while puzzling.
  • Enough difficulty to make it interesting but not hardcore by any means.
  • Stunning artwork, the kind that really appeals to me. These pictures alone are worth the price.
  • Lovely atmospheric piano music (free download).
  • 5 trading cards = easy badge.
  • One achievement = another to add to my list of 100% games.
  • Low low price.
  • Linux!


None whatsoever.


It’s rare that a title has everything I look for in a game, there’s always at least one minor thing that’s not quite right, but this is one of those perfect games. I can’t think of any better way to spend a couple of hours. Can’t wait for the next one!


  • Medium/casual puzzle challenge
  • Clean, crisp level design
  • Stunning picture gallery


  • None!


JimDeadlock - 8.4
Warwick Janetzki - 7